Long OO Sound Worksheet

For the most part, I usually say that teaching children to read is easier than you think.  I was surprised at how easy easy it was to help my children learn to read.  That is why I started our free online reading program.  BUT…there are times when you run into road blocks because phonics is confusing.  The English language has so many exceptions – one example of this is the “oo sound”.  The letters oo can have a long o sound as in spoon or spooky, or a short o sound as in book or hook.  Today I am bringing you a Long oo sound worksheet and activity.  To go along with the activity are a few pictures of us carving our pumpkins (last year!)  To carve our pumpkins, we always use Pumpking Masters tools…. because even the kids can use the carving tools and they can carve their own pumpkins!   We LOVE Pumpkin Masters. Their carving tools are AMAZING!

Pumpkin Masters 102632 Pumpkin Carving KitPumpkin Masters 102632 Pumpkin Carving Kit


Here are some pictures of my daughters (and my sister) carving pumpkins.

Once the children cut open their pumpkin, they use the scoop (oo sound!) to take out pumpkin guts.  You then have to emphasize the oooooey, gooooey!  OOOOOOOOO.  Everyone say it now….OOOOOO.  Thank goodness you have the scoop to help you!


My husband actually is pretty “famous” for his pumpkin carving.  As you know, we love Notre Dame so he actually made his own leprechaun template and carved the leprechaun.  Here is his pumpkin “before” he carved…

and…here is his “after.”

I have a free long oo sound worksheet packet for you!  To get your long oo sound worksheet packet, enter in your email below and it will be emailed to you.  You will be added to our mailing list where you will find out about more fun things like freebies and phonics lessons.  If you have any trouble with getting your long oo sound worksheet, just email me at [email protected] and I will help you!

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