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Today I wanted to talk about teaching colors and having a preschool colors theme for teaching colors in your preschool (or kindergarten or home) classroom.  Did you know that one sign of reading readiness is that a child knows how to identify his/her colors? In many ways, it is quite difficult to teach a child colors. The child either can recognize the difference in colors, or they don’t see any difference. Until the child’s brain is ready to see the differences, you cannot really get him to understand. One day it seems to just click and the child can see/understand colors.  I remember being frustrated with each of my children thinking they must be color blind…but, sure enough one day they just would understand when I said “Santa is red”, they understood what that meant.  Preschool Colors Theme

That being said, it is still great to do different activities to help reinforce the different colors.  It is good to start with just one color and give a lot of examples of that one color.  Then have one example of another color and say… These are all yellow:  yellow sun, yellow duck, yellow corn, yellow banana, yellow bus….  Red strawberry.  Which one does not belong?  Why is it different?  Which ones are yellow?  Which is red?

Other ideas for teaching a preschool colors theme:

  • Read the book Too Many Balloons and do these free color preschool activities to go along with the book.
  • Read the books When the Crayons Quit and When the Crayons Came Home.  In the first book, the crayons each quit one by one because they are always being asked to do the same thing:  The blue is ALWAYS the sky and he is tired of it.  He quits.  It gives a lot of examples of what each color usually colors.  In When the Crayons Came Home, they reconsider and make their way home to report for duty again.

    The Day the Crayons QuitThe Day the Crayons QuitThe Day the Crayons Came HomeThe Day the Crayons Came Home

  • Add food coloring to a glass of milk and focus on that color for the day.
  • When coloring, just focus on coloring with one or two colors only.
  • Sing the song “If you are wearing read, clap your hands”, or stand up straight or turn around, etc.
  • Play the board games Color Huey or Bee Alert hese are favorites in our house.  I love both these games.
  • Have a rainbow week at school. Monday everyone wears red, Tuesday everyone wears orange, etc.
  • Make a color book.  If you are doing the color yellow, each page would have something in it that is yellow:  yellow sun, yellow duck, yellow corn, yellow bus, yellow banana.
  • You can look through magazines and cut out things that are that one color too.
  • Do a scavenger hunt around the classroom or home for things that are one color.
  • Make a sensory bin:  Fill a tub with rice or white beans and bury colored manipulatives in the bin. Have the students try and find all the red bears.
  • Use Legos-  Build something with only one color!
  • I have a free Color book below for the color red.  To get your free color book for your preschool colors theme, enter in your email below and you will be added to our mailing list where you will find out about more fun things.

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