Want to teach reading in kindergarten
or need some kindergarten reading intervention?

Good News: YOU CAN get a little reader to read at a 1st grade level in just 25 lessons...  

Here's the thing:
When teaching reading, the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient you need to add is CONFIDENCE.
A confident reader LOVES to read. A struggling reader hates reading because they don't feel confident.

Our 25 Days to Reading Success is a
teaching guide that takes the guesswork out of how to teach reading and allows you to teach reading, build reading confidence AND foster a love for learning.

I am ready to help my reader!

25 Reading Lessons with 600 BONUS sight word practice pages

Just imagine how it would feel if you could...

✔️Quickly and easily know how to help your little reader
✔️Feel confident that your reader is learning to read
✔️Feel excited because your reader WANTS to learn to read because they finally feel confident reading
✔️Eliminate guesswork : We give you direct, explicit, detailed instructions of what you need to do to help your reader
✔️Save time searching for daily lessons or extra practice -We give you everything you need

"Good Morning. I work as an interventionist under RTI and wanted to let you know I had been using different strategies with little progress when I came across your program. I purchased it and asked the class teacher for permission to use it with her students. I cannot believe that - at day 6 - THEY ARE READING! The fact that they can differentiate between "I see a red bird" and "I see a yellow bird" is huge! They even correct themselves when they misread red as yellow or vice versa, so I know they are not just memorizing the text."
Thank you for sharing your work!"
-Adrienne, RTI Teacher 

We’ve developed a simple, step by step system for helping new readers learn to read with confidence.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

✔️Step 1. Build Confidence
A confident reader loves to read, a struggling reader hates to read because it does not make them feel good.  Teach your student a controlled vocabulary of sight words to help build confidence.
✔️Step 2. Teach in the "correct" order.
Teach reading in the correct order...  when you build confidence using a controlled vocabulary and sprinkle in phonics and reading comprehension, teaching reading is easy and fun.
✔️Step 3. Practice and give praise!
When your student practices, and hears praise, you’re making him more confident—and more sunshine equals greater reading success!

" I have taught Kindergarten for 11 years. I came across this program last year and immediately loved it! It is so child-friendly, teacher-friendly, and perfectly aligned to our curriculum! It even includes a Reading Readiness Assessment, sight word flash cards, and step-by-step tutorials on how to use the resources. After beginning this program with my students i the middle of the year, I saw a huge growth in their word recognition and fluency. My End of Year scores for Reading were the highest they have ever been in my 11 years of teaching! I would highly recommend this program for all teachers who wants to see their students develop a love of reading!"

Kelly, Kindergarten Teacher

Your secret weapon to helping your reader

For a limited time, try 25 lessons of our Reading Success curriculum for just $27 (A $100 value).

✔️25 Reading Lessons help you eliminate guesswork on how to teach reading
✔️BONUS! (Expiring soon) 600 Sight Word Practice Pages -You can use these to reinforce learning
✔️Easy Instructions : We give you direct, explicit, detailed instructions of what you need to do to help your reader

"I have just begun using this program with my 3.5 year old son. He loves the bright colored pictures and the stories are interesting to him. The lesson plans are very detailed, which I appreciate since I have never taught young children before. Thank you!"

Alecia, homeschool mom

Want to take a peek?

Play the video to watch Lesson 14: The mother of this child wanted her daughter to have confidence entering Kindergarten...  She used our program to get her ready for school. 


Hi there, I'm Meeghan and this is my mom...

Ten years ago I wanted to help get my daughter ready for Kindergarten. I asked my mom, a retired first grade teacher, for advice. She pulled out AN ENTIRE CURRICULUM from her basement that she wrote to help beginning and struggling readers.
I used her curriculum and it was SO EASY to teach reading, I built a website to help others! I now have my Masters in Special Education  and I coach THOUSANDS of teachers, homeschoolers and parents on how to help their beginning and struggling readers each year.
I challenge you: See what a difference 3 reading lessons can do for your little reader. I promise you, it will be amazing.

"We are having so much success with the 25 day program so far! We are on day 7, and my son loves it. He is a 5-year-old homeschooled kindergartener. Before it was like pulling teeth to get him to do his reading and within a minute he was in tears or saying his “mouth hurt” from trying to read. With this, he’s excited to start and focused throughout the whole lesson. He is really reading the words and has so much confidence. We are very pleased with the program and thankful for it! It has definitely changed our lives!"  
Amy, Homeschool Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

For a limited time, try 25 lessons of our Reading Success curriculum for just $27 (A $100 value). In addition, for a limited time we are giving away 600 FREE sight word worksheets to go along with the reading lessons.  

What is included with the 25 Days to Reading Success Program?

You will receive a digital download with 25 reading lessons. Each reading lesson takes about 10-15 minutes. Each reading lesson is scripted so that you know exactly what to say and do to teach reading. Each reading lesson builds on the previous lesson. At the end of the 25 lessons, a reader can read at a solid first grade level.  

Does it matter if I'm new to cycling?

Nope! If you're just getting started, we think this is the best way to start logging more miles safely and comfortably. You'll learn a ton about cycling best practices, terminology, and even repairs in our forums.

What is your refund policy?

We are confident that 25 Days to Reading Success will help your new or struggling reader to learn to read, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, we do provide a 7 day happiness guarantee. We want you to get started and see that very quickly you will see results and a more confident reader.  

How do I know if 25 Days of Reading Success is right for me?

25 Days to Reading Success is right for you if...
1) Want to teach a beginning reader to read.
2) You have a struggling kindergartner that you want to teach to read.
3) You have a struggling first grader that you need to get to grade level.

Our system works with beginning and struggling readers EVEN IF the student speaks English as a second language OR has special needs. We have taught THOUSANDS of students to read using our method and know it can help you too!

How soon after purchase will I receive my product?

You will receive the 25 Days to Reading Success and 600 FREE sight word worksheets (almost) immediately after purchase. It will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minute of your purchase. If you have any issues, contact [email protected] and she will help you!

Is this a real book?

25 Days to Reading Success is NOT a book, it is a comprehensive system for teaching a child to read at a 1st grade level. Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format  

What kind of prizes can I earn?

We're adding new prizes almost every month as we partner with more sponsors. Expect to find chances to win gear, gift certificates, and even trips to bike-friendly locales.  

Ready to help your little reader?
You CAN help your little reader learn to read, gain confidence,
AND foster a love for learning!
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"Excited to start this with my son at home. Thank you for spelling out everything I need to do to help him fully learn to read and comprehend!"

Angela, homeschool mom

Still Not Convinced? Don't leave empty-handed! Try it for yourself!

I want to try to teach 2 reading lessons!

    I pinky promise I will try lessons 1 and 2. I know I need 10 minutes each day to try it. I know lesson 1 and 2 will just give me a sample - but real reading success comes in practicing every day for 25 days.