Learn to read for free -Day 1, free videos and worksheets
Preschool Letter M activity: Making Mint Milk with m&ms

Preschool Letter M

I don’t know about you, but I love MINT:  Mint ice cream, mint chocolate, mint yumminess.  Have you ever grown mint?  I used to own a home that had fresh mint in the backyard.  The air smelled minty all the time.   I am not sure if that was a good thing, but it certainly […]

How to encourage Reading: One suggestion that your child will love.

How to Encourage Reading

This post contains affiliate links. Do you want to know something crazy?  I have 2 children who are 3/4 of a birthday old today….and, I don’t have twins.  How could that be?  To see the answer to the riddle, see the *at the end of the post.  ANYWAY, so today I wanted to let you […]

Free Easter Worksheets - 2 Color by letter, 2 color by sight word.

Easter Worksheets

It is hard to believe that Easter is around the corner.  Hippity, hoppity, Easter is on its way!  As such, I have created some free Easter worksheets.  There are 4 worksheets in this bunch:  2 color by letter and 2 color by sight word.    In these free Easter worksheets there are 2 that have […]


Preschool Behavior Management

This post contains affiliate links. As you may know, I have five children.  I have 3 girls and 2 boys.  Girl (9), girl (7), boy (5), boy (2), girl (8 months)…  I have seen first hand there is a difference between boys and girls.  At least in my family there is a difference between boys […]

Nonsense Word Fluency Activities: Fun activity to help children practice their nonsense word fluency.

Nonsense Word Fluency Activities

This post contains affiliate links. As you may remember, I recently wrote a post on nonsense word fluency.    In that post, I described nonsense word fluency, why you would want to practice or test a student on nonsense words, and when you would not want to use practice words with a student.  Today I came […]

Free St. Patrick's Day worksheets

St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets

It is the most wonderful time of the year…!  No…I am not talking about Christmas, I am talking about St. Patrick’s Day!  As a child, I was an Irish dancer, so I grew up always loving St. Patrick’s Day.  We always got the day off school to be in the parade and dance in shows. […]

Nonsense Word Fluency: What are nonsense words, when are they good and bad -and what can we do to help students read them better.

Nonsense Word fluency

This post contains affiliate links. On Monday I published a post on reading fluency, and what I thought was the “secret sauce” in helping your child learn to read fluently.  Today I wanted to talk about nonsense word fluency.  Is it important for little readers to be able to read nonsense words fluently?  What are […]

Reading Fluency: What is the secret sauce when teaching your child to read? How to help your child read fluently.

Reading Fluency

I am about to tell you what I believe to be the “secret sauce” in teaching kids to read.  In my opinion, it is all about confidence.  A child who reads with confidence feels good about reading, likes to read and wants to read.  A child who struggles with reading does not like to read […]

Free Digraph Worksheets for both beginning and ending sounds

Digraph Worksheets

Last weekend I was able to attend a reading conference.  The conference was great to give me some ideas for new posts.  It was good to “get away” for a little bit, and focus on the website.   It was good to meet other reading specialists, and good to visit with my Aunt, Uncle and […]

Is my child ready for kindergarten. Kindergarten Readiness checklist included.

Is my child ready for kindergarten?

Is my child ready for kindergarten?  This is a question that is often asked along with the question how can I prepare my child for kindergarten?  Personally, I love all the enthusiasm around preparing for kindergarten!  When a child is ready for kindergarten, they are ready to take on the world of learning.  One thing […]