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Reading Readiness worksheets with a basketball theme!

Reading Readiness Worksheet Fun

My team made it to the Elite 8 in basketball!  That’s right – the Fighting Irish Men’s Basketball team moved forward to the Elite 8.  (Hopefully our women will move forward tonight too!).  To celebrate, I decided to make some reading readiness worksheets with a basketball theme!  I of course had to make a color […]

Easter Kindergarten Printable: Cute worksheets from Easy Peasy and Fun

Easter Printable Activities

It is so hard to believe that Easter is going to be here next week.  Say what?!  Insane!  I am bringing you another free worksheet from a fellow blogger!  This is an Easter Printable Activities brought to you by Easy Peasy and Fun.  These look to be super cute and fun…  something that will keep your little […]

Alphabet Matching Worksheet: Cute Easter Egg Alphabet Matching worksheet from Mom Inspired Life

Alphabet Matching Worksheet

Normally on Wednesdays I try to write a new post but I have been super yucky sick lately and just can’t bring myself to do much of anything.  I just have a head cold, but it is nasty.  Anyway, I did want post something so that you have something fun to keep your little readers […]

Easter Coloring Pages from Itsy Bitsy Fun!

Free Easter Coloring Pages

Well, it is Tuesday, which is not normally a day that I post -(I usually post M-W-F).  I decided to try and step up things a bit and start posting at least five days a week.  To do this, I thought I would comb the web for some great content to share from fellow bloggers. […]

Fractions for Kids: A way to teach fractions for kids that your students will love.

Fractions for Kids

I know what you are thinking…what is someone who teaches reading wanting to talk about fractions for kids?  Amazingly, I did not lose my mind but rather, this weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Young Authors Conference with my daughters and mom.  The conference is a half day event sponsored by our school […]

Sight Words for Preschoolers - Dolch bundle pre-primer sample pack: 15 pages included, 3 pages/sight word: big, blue, a, away, and

Preschool Sight Words

I have been super busy working on sight word worksheets. Actually, my husband has been really great about helping me with these worksheets. I work on making all the worksheets and he helps in replicating the worksheets…he can code the computer to be able to fill in each worksheet with the sight words or letters that […]


Words with ‘ow’ sound

Well, I don’t know that I can think of anything more confusing than words with ‘ow’ sound.  The words with ‘ow’ sound can makes two different sounds.  They can say ‘ow’ like ‘wow’ or the can say ‘o’ like ‘grow’.  Talk about crazy and talk about confusing, and talk about hard to teach!  Mrs. Karle always […]

Eric Carle Lesson Plans for his book From Head to Toe. Lesson plans for art, reading, math, science, spanish and religion

Eric Carle Lesson Plans

One of my favorite books to read to children is From Head to Toe by Eric Carle.  In the book, children read  animal movements and then try them out for themselves.  The book is simple, repetitive, interactive and fun for children as they listen and act out the different animals.  One of the many reasons […]

Earth Day worksheets: Color by letter/Color by Sight Word: Great for preschool or kindergarten

Earth Day Worksheet

We have some more color by letter and color by sight word worksheets for you!  I have made quite the collection…pretty soon I will have an entire year of them done!  I will be putting together a book….it will be legendary!  I hope you enjoy the color by letter/color by sight word worksheets as much […]

Teaching Phonics Sounds the Short letter E craft: Elephant Eggs

Phonics Vowel Sounds

Today I have an activity for the phonics vowel sounds.  We are teaching the phonics vowel sounds for the short letter e!!  Hooray!  My last post I explained teaching vowel sounds.  Today, I have a few fun activities and a book to help teach the short letter e phonics vowel sound. The first thing I […]