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We help you teach a beginning
or struggling reader
to read at a 1st grade level
in 15 minutes/day for 25 days

Do you want A confident reader who loves to read?

I can help you with that. Here’s what to do next!

1. Have Fun Activities That Reinforce Reading Skills (You Can Download Our Starter Pack Here FOR FREE!)

2. Explicitly Teach A Child To Read Using A Controlled Vocabulary And Phonics (HINT:  Download our Starter Pack here fOR FREE!)

3. Practice And Enjoy Reading With Your Little Reader!

Meeghan Karle Mousaw and Madreen Karle

Hi, I’m Meeghan, and this is my mom.
We will show you how to have a confident reader who LOVES to read.

Ten years ago I wanted to help get my daughter ready for Kindergarten. I asked my mom, a retired first grade teacher, for advice. She pulled out AN ENTIRE CURRICULUM from her basement that she wrote to help beginning and struggling readers.
I used her curriculum and it was SO EASY to teach reading, I built a website to help others! I now have my Masters in Special Education  and I coach THOUSANDS of teachers, homeschoolers and parents on how to help their beginning and struggling readers each year.
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