How to Teach Handwriting

Helping a child learn to write can be a lot of fun. There are a few things you can do to help your student learn to write. First, make sure you help your child hold their pencil correctly. We have a fun Alligator trick that works well and children love for helping a child hold their pencil correctly.
Next,  you will to teach a child handwriting by helping them learn how to draw.

Have you ever tried learning to speak and write Chinese?  Take this character, for instance, —> 手写

Do you have any idea what 手写 means?

Now try to explain to me how I am supposed to draw 手写? I would have no idea where to even begin…

Pretend you are a 3-5 year old little child who may or may not recognize ENGLISH letters or numbers….

How are you going to teach that little person to draw a letter or number that is “all Chinese to them”?

Sure you can use the “go down, loop around” language…. But seriously, do you really expect a 3 to 5 year old to understand what you expect them to draw? It is hard to even come up with words to describe how to draw an English letter to an adult…

Here is the real message… In order to teach handwriting you need standard language that a child understands. Not only does this standard language give each stroke a name, but it also gives the stroke a “direction”.

When you say “draw a blade of grass” the student knows to start at the top and draw a straight line down…. Not only do they draw the stroke correctly, but they also have the start of a beautiful picture….

Remember, friend, Handwriting is an art form…. only you have the power to embrace the creativity.