How To Teach Reading

Helping a child learn to read should be fun and a good experience (for both teacher and student!).
A confident reader loves to read, a struggling reader does not like to read because they don’t have confidence. 
Reading does not make a struggling reader feel good.  SO,
the number one rule when teaching reading is to make sure you teach in a way that builds confidence and allows the student to have fun and feel good about themselves.
When a child understands/comprehends what they are reading:  When a child can see that reading has meaning, reading becomes a magical experience and the child will want to continue to learn.

Here are a few things you can do to help your student learn to Read and have reading confidence.

  1. Find Ways to make Reading Skills Fun!  (Download our free starter kit here for some fun activities!)
  2. Explicitly Teach A Child To Read Using A Controlled Vocabulary And Phonics (HINT: You Can Download A FREE Sample With Our Starter Pack Here)
  3. Take things slowly.  (It is okay to repeat a day or to go back a day if needed).  Learning to read takes time and patience.  Watch your reader for confidence.  If your reader is not confident, take a step back to the place where your reader is confident, practice, and take another baby step forward when your reader is ready.
  4. Practice, practice, practice:  have the child read to their stuffed animal, to their dog, to grandma on the phone…  Children should read to anyone who will listen!
  5. Give praise – Remember, confidence is key when teaching a child to read:  A confident reader loves to read!
Download our Free Starter Kit to help teach your beginning or struggling reader