Oh hi, I’m Meeghan, and this is my mom…

and It’s our honor to help you Teach reading

Once upon a time I had a 7 year old daughter who was struggling to read and a 5 year old daughter who was ready to enter Kindergarten.
My seven year old was frustrated and hated reading. She struggled sounding out words and she had no confidence.
I was afraid that my 5 year old would have a similar experience…

I asked my mom, a retired first grade teacher, for advice. She pulled out AN ENTIRE CURRICULUM from her basement that she wrote to help beginning and struggling readers.
I used her curriculum and it was SO EASY to teach reading, I knew I needed to help others… I returned to school and got my Masters in Special Education and I started implementing my dream of helping others teach reading.

You see, my mom created a program that teaches a child to read confidently at a first grade level in just 25 days…(She can help a child learn to read at a 2nd-3rd grade level in just 120 days. ) She can turn reading frustration into success in just a matter of days.

I have seen and heard it happen to THOUSANDS of fans….

Parents and teachers see an “aha’ moment where their little reader “just gets it”.

And that’s exactly what teaching reading is all about.

That is what we want for you. That is what we want for your little reader(s). Are you ready to see that “aha” moment? Are you ready to listen to your little reader practice reading over and over and over again? Amazing starts with you.