How to teach students to draw while learning handwriting

Why Traditional handwriting Curriculum Fails

The Frustration is real…

You see the poor pencil grip.
He’s just not developmentally ready.
He can’t even recognize the letters – let alone form them.
He starts writing from the bottom line….
He writes from right to left.
He rushes through his work because he just. can’t. wait. to. finish.

And never mind the fact that he is learning to read in mostly lower case letters but is expected to write in all capital letters.  

There are several reasons why traditional handwriting programs fail….

  • Traditional programs teach upper case letters first because the strokes are “easier” to form (HOWEVER, 98% of the letters students learn to read are lower case)
  • Traditional handwriting programs have no standard for naming the strokes:  “Pull down, curve around” – Students don’t know where to start letters, or how each strokes is made
  • Traditional handwriting programs have letter forms are non-standard. Those tall, skinny all-caps letters simply aren’t what your kids will see on a daily basis.
  • Traditional handwriting programs are BORING. It’s “drill and kill”—and kids rush through (sloppily) because they’re just not interested.

So, how can you teach handwriting that makes things fun, teaches both upper and lower case letters, AND teaches children the direction of strokes by naming the strokes as children learn to draw?

Teach children how to draw a HANDWRITING PATCH!

Seeds and grass writing patch

Start by planting grass and seed

Students slowly learn both capital and lower case letters…From the handwriting strokes of “seeds” and “grass” they learn to form the letters “l” and “i”.

rainbow-writing patch stroke

Teach a common vocabulary of stroke names

This will help your writing patch flourish, making it easy to describe how to write each letter.

Writing Patch large motor multi sensory strokes

Practice Large Motor Multi-Sensory Movement

This will build muscle memory of the handwriting strokes.

Writing patch colored image

Admire your Writing Patch

From seeds and grass come a beautiful writing patch with sun, flowers and a rainbow!

Take a peek inside…

Download a free sample…

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