Here is a list of illustrators we have used… Please support them -they are great! 🙂

First and foremost, we want to recognize Artemis B, the illustrator for our 120 day reading program, and many other illustrations found throughout the site. Here is a short bio of her.

Artemis B. has had a life-long love for art in all its forms, but her strongest pursuits were always in the area of visual art – i.e., painting, and drawing. She has had several fine art exhibits, and has worked in the field of graphic design for over 12 years. However, her favorite thing to do with any drawing has always been to tell a story, so illustrating books and stories came very naturally. Over the years, she has illustrated for several children’s books as well as cover art for adult fiction books. She has a style that is best described as organic and whimsical, with a sense of humor. She enjoys capturing emotions in the characters she brings to life on the pages she draws and hopes these illustrations draw in the reader (pun intended) and help them become immersed in the story.

Next, we wish to let you know about all the great artists we have found through  Here is a list of all of their stores…!  THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ADORABLE WORK!