Madreen Karle, teacher and author of Sight and Sound ReadingHello!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Madreen Karle.  I am a retired teacher, with a career that spanned more than 30 years.  I taught 1st grade, Developmental 1st grade, and pre-school.  After retiring, I created a program to help others teach reading.  It took me 7 years to develop.  The Sight and Sound Reading program is my labor of love.

After creating the program, I gave the program to two inner city teachers in their first year of teaching to use and try – They both raved about it and claim it saved them from switching their careers.

This program teaches and reinforces sight words.  It teaches and reinforces phonics.  It teaches and reinforces the alphabet.  It teaches and reinforces writing skills.  You can take a part of it and supplement where your child struggles.  You can use the whole program to help your child succeed.

This program is not a “Disney extravaganza”…  there is no fancy animation – but, it is not boring either!  Look for me in costume to reinforce sounds, or listen for songs to help reinforce concepts.  Reading is fun, and so is learning to read!

Learning to read can be a struggle – but, it is okay to struggle.  Struggle indicates strength. Praise your child for their struggles.  Practice makes perfect, and hard work brings success.

I truly believe the Sight and Sound Reading program can solve the reading crisis in this country – I believe it can teach any and every child to read.  It is my hope as this blog grows that we will be able to bring this program where it is most needed:  struggling schools and children.   If you find success, please help pass it along, especially to people and places who most need it.  Together we can assure that no child is left behind.