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HELLO! I’m Meeghan and this is my mom…

Ten years ago I wanted to help get my daughter ready for Kindergarten. I asked my mom, a retired first grade teacher, for advice. She pulled out AN ENTIRE CURRICULUM from her basement that she wrote to help beginning and struggling readers.
I used her curriculum and it was SO EASY to teach reading, I built a website to help others! I now have my Masters in Special Education  and I coach THOUSANDS of teachers, homeschoolers and parents on how to help their beginning and struggling readers each year.
I challenge you: See what a difference YOU can make in your child’s reading confidence. I promise you, it will be amazing. Help a Little Reader

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“I am using this as a Morning Message in kindergarten. I love that it includes a lot of our sight wordsThe kids are really enjoying it and the kids are very proud of themselves for being able to read it. I love how it includes a variety of punctuation marks and the kids are learning to read with expression.”  -Mary

“I have taught Kindergarten for 11 years. I came across this program last year and immediately loved it! It is so child-friendly, teacher-friendly, and perfectly aligned to our curriculum! It even includes a Reading Readiness Assessment, sight word flash cards, and step-by-step tutorials on how to use the resources. After beginning this program with my students i the middle of the year, I saw a huge growth in their word recognition and fluency. My End of Year scores for Reading were the highest they have ever been in my 11 years of teaching! I would highly recommend this program for all teachers who wants to see their students develop a love of reading!” – Kelly

“An excellent resource for beginning readers. I love how it covers word concept and correspondence. It covers so many topics for beginning readers. I can’t wait to see the results on my beginning readers! Thanks.” -Sara

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