Picture Book Lesson Plans

Activities and lessons that go with kindergarten and preschool books.

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  • Printable activities for the Mitten for preschool/Kindergarten

    Activities for The Mitten for Preschool/Kindergarten


    Students will love reading The Mitten and doing these fun activities/lesson plans for Kindergarten/Preschool.

    Activities include…
    Cut/Paste winter/not winter
    Color the animal (by Color word)
    Cut the picture and paste under the correct word from the Mitten
    Cut and Paste Mitten events in order
    Spin/color the beginning sounds
    Color the word family mittens
    Listening response (Setting, favorite part)
    Write all the M words you know
    Writing Prompt -in the beginning, middle, end
    I can retell the mitten story minibooks
    Read, glue, trace, draw the sentence
    Color the ig/in words
    Writing prompt using the words from the mitten as a guide
    The mitten board game
    A mitten writing prompt
    Readers Theater for the Mitten

  • Three Billy Goats Gruff Activity Pack for Preschool/Kindergarten

    Billy Goats Gruff Literacy Fun Pack

    Get ready for Billy Goats Gruff Literacy fun! Help students with reading comprehension and more! This fun pack includes… Here is what is all included: • Three Billy Goats Gruff Color by Letter • Three Billy Goats Gruff Color by Sight Word • Beginning/Middle/End Writing Prompt • Character/Setting/Favorite Part worksheet • Setting/Problem/Solution worksheet • Read/Glue/Trace/Draw…

  • Activities for Brown Bear Brown Bear book for Kindergarten

    Brown Bear Brown Bear Activities for Kindergarten


    37 Activities for Kindergarten to go along with the Brown Bear Brown Bear book.

  • Activities for Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type

    Click Clack Moo Cows that Type Activities/ Worksheets for Kindergarten


    Have fun reading Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type with you class! These fun Worksheets and activities are no prep fun that will make you smile… Make learning fun with these activities…

    Click Clack Moo Cows that Type Write the Room
    Make your own Click Clack Moo Cows that Type minibook
    Color C words red, m words blue
    Cut/Paste the C/not c word
    Read/Glue/Trace/Draw the sentences (2 pages)
    Make the noun plural page
    Write details from the story using the given words
    Write a letter to Farmer brown writing prompt
    This Click Clack Moo activity companion is great when teaching the letter C!

  • In this There was an old lady who craft, kids can make their very own old lady who can swallow a variety of things!

    Craftivity: There was an old lady who swallowed…..


    There was an old Lady who swallowed a…..


    Read one of the Old Lady books and then Make an Old Lady and help her swallow things!  This can be a good lesson on sequencing, or…just plain old fun!  This activity pack includes instructions to make an Old Lady craft, as well as printable pages in color and black and white for each of the books listed above.

    In the printable pack you’ll find various things for the old lady to eat for every season. There is the traditional set from the original poem, a set for St. Patrick’s Day, for fall, for Christmas, for back to school, for Halloween, for the summer, for winter, for Easter, and for Valentine’s Day. Your old lady can swallow something for every season!

  • Duck President Election Activities Book Companion

    Duck for President Lessons


    Do you want some fun activities to help teach about the election? Duck For President is a fun book to read. This Literacy Activity pack for Kindergarten (and Preschool/First Grade) will help you!

    Included in the complete lesson plans….

    Read and color the Farm object.
    Color by letter Duck for President
    Color by sight word Duck for President
    Color the election word
    Color the Sight Word –Election Edition
    Vote for President drawing activity
    Cut/Paste Duck for President words
    Cut/Paste d Words
    Color d/p words
    4 writing prompts,
    1 Build a sentence
    Sample Ballots to use for class vote
    Roll/Trace the lower case letter
    Match the upper/lower case letter
    Duck for President Sequencing Activity
    Duck for President mini-book

  • Gingerbread Man Literacy Activities (Editable)


    You will love these NO PREP, fun EDITABLE Gingerbread Man Literacy Activities that are great for Kindergarten. Story sequencing, and mini-book to help with comprehension are just a few of the pages included in this 40 page pack!


    Color by Letter Gingerbread man scene
    Color by Sight Word Gingerbread man scene
    Gingerbread man mini book to make/story sequencing
    Listening Station page for (Character, Setting, Favorite Part)
    Listening Station page for (Setting, Problem Solution)
    Cut/Paste Sequencing for Gingerbread Man book
    Gingerbread Man sequencing writing prompt – (beginning, middle, end)
    Upper case/lower case match
    Color by code g and d words
    Color by color words -things from the gingerbread man book
    Cut/Paste the gingerbread man words/picture match
    AN word family brainstorm
    Read, glue, trace, draw the sentence
    Rainbow roll/trace the letters
    Rainbow roll/trace the numbers
    Gingerbread man writing prompt -differentiated for different levels
    Write the room
    Gingerbread man writing prompt- write details of story using vocab words
    Cute/paste gingerbread man activity
    Activity for Gingerbread Man loose in school –

  • Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Activities and Readers Theater

    Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Readers Theater


    Ready for some fun? Help your students with reading comprehension and fluency with a Golidlocks and the 3 Bears Readers Theater! The packet includes… -Readers’ Theater script for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears -Craft stick puppet props in color and black/white Readers Theater is a simple and fun way to get your students moving and…

  • Hattie and the Fox Sequencing Activities


    Make your own Hattie and the Fox mini-book
    Make the x words plural by adding s or es
    Hattie and the Fox reading comprehension page
    Hattie and the Fox sequencing page
    Hattie and the Fox Reader’s Theater

  • It's Not Easy Being a Bunny printable activities

    It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny : Literacy Fun Pack


    It’s Not Easy Being a bunny by Marilyn Sadler is a great Easy Reader to help teach sequencing and retelling. This It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny Literacy Activity pack will help make reading even more fun! This pack includes…

    A Roll a Bunny Game
    A color by Letter
    A Color by Sight Word
    3 Writing Prompts
    1 bunny Character Trait page
    1 Cut and Paste the Animal to the word
    1 Roll and Trace the letter B words
    1 It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny Minibok
    A set of colorful images for Readers Theater or Sequencing
    A set of small cards for sequencing
    A Comprehension board game
    Comprehension questions
    A Color by Color worksheet
    A Read/Glue/Trace/Draw Worksheet