Teach the Alphabet

How to teach the alphabet

 In this video, Mrs. Karle shows you how she recommends teaching the alphabet.  She created an alphabet you can print on card stock and display in your classroom or house that helps reinforce learning.   Here is a list of a few things that make this alphabet unique: 

  1. Teaches the different and confusing fonts for the “a”, “g”, “I”,  “J”  and “t”
  2. The upper case letters are displayed above the lower case letters to visually reinforce their differences
  3. The vowels are colored in pink.
  4. The “Y” is “sometimes a vowel” -so, it is only halfway colored in pink.

Regardless of what method you use to teach the alphabet, Mrs. Karle wants to make sure you learn this:  Teach your child to write his/her name using a capital or big letter to start, followed by all lower case letters.  Remember, 90% of the letters the children will read are lower case letters.  Upper case letters are only used a small percent of the time – to begin sentences, and names, etc.  Make sure your student knows his/her lower case letters.  The Sight and Sound Reading alphabet emphasizes the differences in confusing fonts  Many children get to school not knowing these letters.  Point out these confusing letters when reading. This will help your student to reading success.