Play! Play! Play! A sight word book for a snow day!

Are you in the middle of a snow day?  Here is a video of Mrs. Karle reading her sight word book, Play! Play! Play!  Beginning readers love  to read books that are easy for them.  When beginning readers struggle with learning to read, they lose confidence in their ability to read.   When they lose confidence in reading, they don’t like to read – and, if they don’t like to read -they don’t like learning to read.  If you have a beginning reader, it is so important that you help give your beginning reader confidence with reading.  Sight Words are words that need to be memorized.  Eighty percent of what a beginning reader reads are sight words.  Beginning readers should know these words fluently because if they have them memorized, they can read 80% of the time without being frustrated!  This gives a beginning reader confidence to read and sound out the other 20% of words.  Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound Reading program teaches the children sight words in context.  This means she introduces words slowly, in an order that shows the children that reading has meaning.  The sight words are not just flash cards they need to memorize, but they are words in a story that make sense.  When children see that their reading has meaning, and that they can read and understand new things, they want to learn more, and they want to keep reading!  Mrs. Karle’s sight word book can be read after Day 25 of her Learn to Read for free sight word program.

Sight Words used in the book: dog, cat, bear, little, can, one, two, three, run, play

If your child has not learned all these sight words, we recommend having your child learn these words through Mrs. Karle’s free videos (found on this site) – to help them learn to read them confidently and fluently.


  1. I’m always looking for fun books my (yoga) kiddos can read while waiting for their parents to come- this is so cute!

  2. Mattie Redell Reese-DuPree says:

    I wanted to down load the Play, Play, Play Book for my granddaughter to read but could not find it on the web site. Where can I get the book. She wants to read it. We are now on day 26 of the reading program and she is doing great with your program. Thank you!

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