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Today I have a treat for you! I recently took a family vacation to Vermont and I visited the Shelburne Museum (near Burlington). They graciously gave free admission to my family for the day and in exchange I am excited to tell you about their wonderful museum… and, I am also creating a free CH Digraph Game for you! Thank you Shelburne Museum for the sponsored game!

The Shelburne Museum is seriously one of the coolest museums I have been to…and I have visited a bunch!  First of all, you need to know that Vermont is a super cool place to visit with y our family.  If you are from there or close to there the Shelburne Museum is definitely worth a field trip to visit it…and if you are not from near there – consider making a vacation of it because there is SOOOO MUCH to do in Vermont (and nearby upstate NY)  The Shelburne Museum is great because it is so different.  It is one of those places your kids will love…and they will learn something, and – by the end of the day they will all fall asleep on the way home because they had so much fun.  The museum is right across the street from the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory -so, there is another thing you can do while there…(see, I told you there was so much to do!).  Anyway, the Shelburne Museum is made up of 39 different buildings – it is like an old can go in the farm house and see one thing, go in the ‘barn’ to see another, walk outside (or take a shuttle) a little bit to the old fashioned train station, walk a little way down to an old ferry and hop on board to see what a Ferry was like in the old days.  Then you can see a blacksmith make nails, or see some really awesome 3D quilts in another building.  We saw an awesome model of a circus parade, the kids rode on the carousel…and, we got to go into an old school building.  There are hundreds of amazing different little things to see.  We only saw a portion of the museum.  My kids loved running outside to each new building.  They loved looking at everything in the buildings…they learned so much, had so much fun…and -even through some of my children no longer nap, they fell asleep on the way back to the hotel.  I say that is a good day!

Here is a picture of my family enjoying the museum.  My 2 year old admiring the circus parade sculptures…  (this was really amazingly cool!), My family in the Adirondack Camp building -with a bunch of ENORMOUS  stuffed game from long ago.  When you see how big wild animals are in real life, it puts things into perspective!  The last picture is of my daughters in front of the large train engine (which inspired this post!)

CH Sound Digraph Game -Choo Choo! Have fun teaching the Ch sound!

Anyway, at the Shelburne Museum they have an old Train Station with an old train engine and train cars.  You can go inside them and see how things used to look and be.  I really loved the train station because I felt like I was in some old movie.  This CH Digraph Game, sponsored by the Shelburne Museum, was inspired by my visit to the old train station.  We all know that trains say “chugga chugga choo choo!”…  so, let’s go ahead and get ready to play the CH Digraph game!

To play the CH Digraph game you will need:

-A list of words.  If you have readers, pick words they know how to read.  If you do not have readers, you can make this a listening game.
-Make some cards with choo choo trains on them.  Also have some cards that have words that begin with the letters “ch”, and then have cards that have other words on them.  (These are all included in the game).


1.Print out, cut, and laminate the game cards for the game.  You can print out several copies and use in small groups during centers, or you can use for an entire classroom and play as a class.  The game is great practice for the CH sound.  The children will love playing!

2.Set a timer for the game to begin.  You can play for as long or as little as you like.  (I recommend 10-15 minutes)

3.Turn the cards upside down and have the first student pick up the card and read the word.  If the word starts with the “ch” sound, the student should say “ch ch ch (cherry)” If the student says the correct word, he keeps the card.

4.If the card does not begin with the “ch” sound, the children have to WHISPER the word.   If the student whispers the word correctly, she keeps the card.

5.If the child chooses a train (choo-choo) card, all the children must yell “Choo-Choo!!!!”  and then turn in all cards to the center pile.

6.The game ends when time is up, The winner is the person with the most cards in their hand.

Here are a few pictures from the game and what it looks like…

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