Great books by Children’s Author Jim Aylesworth

Children's books by Jim Aylesworth

I told you in Wednesday’s post that Mrs. Karle and I, along with my two daughters, were able to attend a Young Author’s conference.  Here we were able to meet and see the children’s book author Jim Aylesworth.  It was a great day learning about Mr. Aylesworth.  He is very captivating, frequently turning to song, or using his pointer.  (He was very much like Mrs. Karle!  They both know very well how to keep the attention of a first grader -using songs and a pointer!)  Anyway, before the conference I had never heard of Mr. Aylesworth.  I left the conference eager to introduce you all to him – and his adorable children’s books.  In total he has 34 children’s books -and he briefly introduced them to us in chronological order.  He also mentioned that he is working on book #35 -so, make sure you watch out for his newest book!

As he introduced each of his books, he often explained the inspiration for the book – reading a few pages or lines.  This definitely left me wanting to hear more!  What was also fun was to watch the children – of various ages from Kindergarten to 8th grade, and their reactions to his books.  Many had read his books before -and you could tell how much they enjoyed them…while others were like me, and learning about a new favorite author.

I have selected a few books that I recommend you check out and read to your little reader…I put all the books in a widget.

Our Abe Lincoln: – This is great for helping with a history lesson for the little ones, or for president’s day…OR, really just any time to get students signing and learning about the 16th president.  The book is easily sung  – students learn about Mr. Lincoln, his life, struggles, and death in this clever book with a catchy tune.  My daughter picked out this book at the conference. She now has it memorized and leads her American Heritage Girl troop in song on camping trips.

The Completed Hickory Dickory Dock (Aladdin Picture Books) –We bought this book for my son…  great for preschoolers (and Kindergartners) who love nursery rhymes!  What happens after the strikes one in Hickory Dickory Dock?  Well…read the book and you will find out!  Mr. Aylesworth completes the rhyme and goes around the clock with a clever rhyme/song.

The Mitten- We bought this for my little 2 year old…  it is a new take on an old classic story.  When a little boy loses a mitten, what will the animals do with it?

Full Belly BowlMy Kindergartner picked out this book.  Her teacher had read it to their class, and she wanted to have a copy at home.  It is a great book for bedtime.  Here is a story of what happens when a man receives an unending bowl of whatever he wants…  until he makes a hasty mistake and the magic disappears.  Important lessons abound in this book..(and the children don’t even realize they are learning!)

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Creak, Pop-Pop, Moo-Rhyming and a day in the life of an early farming family.  Honestly -I have not read this book but have added it to my ‘must get for the kids’ book.  I know it is a great one -judging from all the kids in the room who had read it, and by their reaction when he picked up the book.

The Burger and the Hot Dog The burger and the hot dog had a fight one day…and, here is what happened next.  This is another one I have not read yet as well…and one I will definitely be getting for my little ones.  This is another book in which all the children who had read the book squealed when he picked up the book to talk about it.  This book sold out at the conference.  Sad for us..

The Gingerbread Man-Another twist on an old classic…  and another one where the students squealed in delight when Mr. Aylesworth picked up the book.  I read from the reviews there is a recipe for gingerbread cookies in the book too…  I am thinking we will see this book in our home in time to make some cookies for Christmas.






  1. What a great list of books and how special those books will be to your family because you meet the author! Wonderful!

  2. These sound really great. I haven’t heard of him either and will definitely keep him in mind for the future. I especially like the rhyming book!

  3. I’m not familiar with any of these books. I can’t wait to check them out!

  4. These look so cute! I am going to look into getting some for our summer reading.

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