Christmas Beginning Sound Bingo

Today I have a fun Christmas Beginning Sound Bingo Game for you!  You can also use this game to play “Pin the beginning sound ornament on the tree” game as well!  We love games because they are fun and they help reinforce concepts.  My mother used to play this game with her class.  I am building a game like this for each holiday of the year.  I hope you have fun playing it with your little people (or person!) Before we begin, I thought I would share with you my children’s favorite board games. We play games all the time in my home…here are some of our favorites!

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Christmas Beginning Sound Bingo

Christmas Beginning Sound Bingo Game - Help reinforce and teach the beginning sounds in preschool and kindergarten with this cute and fun Christmas Bingo game!
Here are the rules for playing this Christmas Beginning Sound Bingo Game:

Print and laminate the tree you want/need.- You may want to have a sorting system so you know these are the Letter A pictures and this is the letter A tree. That way if you only want to play with certain letters you can easily pull them out. (You will have to remember after playing to sort again) NOTE: If you have other beginning sound games from us, these are the same pictures…so –no need to print/do the work twice! Also, I left blank trees so that you can laminate and add with a dry erase marker the letter you want…
This game is like Bingo! Each student gets a beginning letter card.
Choose a picture card randomly and call it out… If the letter begins with ‘b’ the student with the letter ‘b’ can place a tree with a bingo marker.
To make more challenging, you can cut do the vowel sounds… for the word families.. Use the A, E I, O, U tree and the use the pictures with the word family endings.
On each tree, the student should find 5 pictures to win.
Pin the Letter on the Tree Game Modification
You can also use these cards for Pin the Letter on the Tree game!
Choose which letter you would like to reinforce. Choose the pictures and letters that match the and play pin the sounds on the correct tree!

To get this free Christmas Beginning Sound Bingo game, enter your name/email into the blue form below. You will be added to our email list where you will find out about more fun things.  If you have trouble getting your freebie, please email me at [email protected] and I will help you.  Enjoy!

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Beginning Sound Christmas Bingo
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  1. What a great game for Christmas, my kids wanted to color the Christmas tree before we started to play. Thank you for the Amazon link too, we are planning to purchase the Simon says game…an excellent traditional game that gets kids to practice their thinking skills.

    1. You are so welcome! 🙂 Have fun playing Bingo! Thanks for using our Amazon link 🙂 We love Simon…aside from all the educational benefits, I love it because it is just one piece..(so it is easy clean-up! 🙂

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