Teach Sight Words to Struggling Readers: Day 114

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“We can’t find The Best Bread Store on First Street.  So many people have said it has the very best bread. Is this the right street?  My friend said the door is in the back of the store and that it says Best Bread on the window.  My friend said, the window, not the door, has a picture of many, many people eating bread.”


Click here for the free reading worksheet for today (Day 114)

Click here for the free reading worksheet for yesterday (Day 113)

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  1. Eric Rolf says:

    It is essential for parents to create a healthy learning environment for their kids. it is imperative as it nourish urge of reading and learning in kids at early stage…Learning is essential for every human being on earth. I am volunteering my services at a school which is running for poor kids. i feel so satisfied teaching and helping kids read and write.

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