Do you want to make a Robot?

Today we are doing an activity that is great for teaching the letter R sound… we are going to make a robot!  Before we make a robot, though, we are going to read the book Raybot.   Raybot is a lonely robot that wants to find friends.  He sets out on a journey to find someone just like him.  He finds pigs and moose and other creatures…  and in the end, he finds a few creatures to call his friend.  It is a sweet story about finding friends in unexpected places and that friends can be different than what you expect and they can be different from you.  So, after reading Raybot, Do you want to make a Robot friend?

Do you want to make a Robot?

Do you want to build a Robot? Fun free activity -great for preschooler or kindergarten students. It is a fun activity to help teach the letter R!

Do you want to make a robot friend?  This activity actually has a color code.  I have color suggestions for the Robot – but of course a child can choose to change then!  The children will practice reading their color words, though, with this robot!

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If you would like to build a robot out of craft supplies, check out

Recycled Toy Bot for a Super Adorable craft.

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      1. Sorry for your trouble…he freebie has a subject of “Here is your free download!” …Inside that email there is a link.  That link, if you click on it, the download will either popup in a new tab or download into your download folder.  Sometimes that link does not come hyperlinked.  If that happens you have to copy/paste the link into a new browser tab and it will then open for you.  If you have trouble with this, though, you can forward me the email/reply to the freebie email you received and I will be happy to help you with it.

  1. I like the robot craft. Thank you

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