Dr. Seuss What’s In the Cat’s Hat? Game – FUN for all levels and abilities

This past Christmas I was looking for games that would be good for my entire family – but, I was specifically looking for games for the younger children in the household (My 2, 4, and 6 year old).   By chance, I came across the Dr. Seuss What’s in the Cat’s Hat? Game.  I decided I would do a review of this game because this game is ADORABLE – and really perfect for everyone in the house, no matter what age.  Although it has a very simple concept and is very easy to play – it is really challenging for all different levels and that is why the game is great.  The game is basically a “20 questions” or “I spy”  game where someone finds an item to put into the hat, and the rest of the people playing the game ask 20 questions to figure out what is inside the hat.  The hat has a few different holes and areas to make the game a little more interesting – so that someone who is trying to guess can lift a flap and try to take a peek into the hat.  There is also a hole where someone can stick in a finger to feel the object inside.    The game also has a deck of easy reader cards so that it is simple to come up with questions.   The cards have cute pictures on them making it easier for beginning readers to figure out any harder words.    The game is great to help teach children turn taking, and patience.  It is great for helping children experience their 5 senses because some of the cards will ask the children to try and feel the object, or shake or smell the object.  It is also great to help children with learning how to ‘guess’ what something is.  It is also teaches learning to follow directions.  Another advantage of this game is that I think it would be great for a child with autism because not only does it help with the child learning how to guess what something is, but the child can find something to put into the hat and can answer yes/no questions, or questions about color, etc.  It encourages communication and interaction and eye contact.  If you really think of all the possibilities of what can go into the hat, the game is extremely challenging.  It is even challenging for the adults playing the game -and that is what makes the game so fun….  it is not easy for anyone!  You can find ways to modify the game to make it easier for different levels too – for instance, you can choose 5 or 10 different objects that might be in the hat -so that you have already narrowed down the endless possibilities.  You could also choose a specific room of the house where the object is from.   Here are a few pictures of Mrs. Karle playing the game with her grandchildren…  Can you guess what is in the hat?

First Mrs. Karle had fun playing with the hat.  Look!  Mrs. Karle is in the hat!  Then they went though the cards and found out that the object started with C, it was not squishy, it did not have a face, and it had wheels.  What could it be?

What's in the cat's hat game review

It was a car!  Did you guess that?  And…that brings me to another reason why we love this game – it is easy to bring along with you and play in the car!  The children pass the hat around and ask questions, listen for answer -and…guess what is inside the hat.

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  1. I love your idea of bringing it in the car! Maybe I’ll see if there’s one on sale before vacation, although I could just vary it and bring a bag!

  2. Renee @ Mommy Goes On says:

    We have this and my kids Love it! I thought they’d get bored with it as they grew, but they keep discovering new uses for it.

  3. Ooh! What a fun game! I love Dr. Seuss, and have never heard of this game before. What a fun idea!

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