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For February Literacy bundle -
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Sample Sight Word Worksheets

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Dental Health Literacy Plans and Activities

Included in this bundle:
Our Dental Health Literacy Fun Packet
Have fun teaching about Dental Health with this Dental Health Kindergarthen Literacy Lesson Plan Activity pack… In this packet…
Color by Sight Word
Color by Letter
Write the Room
My Dental Health Mini-book
I can take care of my teeth Mini-book
3 Writing Prompts
Dear Tooth Fairy Postcard
Upper/Lower case match
2 Build a Sentence
1 Beginning Sound T Cut/Paste Activity
1 Cut/Paste the Letter F/Not F
1 Cut/Paste Should/Should not do
8 Roll and Trace
Make your own Dental Health Hats
1 Alphabet sequencing activity
8 Color the letter/sound/word teeth
2 Cut/Paste/Sort the vowel sounds
1 Cut/Past/Sort healthy teeth sheet

Duck for President Pack
Ready for fun President's Day activities?
Included in the complete lesson plans….
Read and color the Farm object.
Color by letter Duck for President
Color by sight word Duck for President
Color the election word
Color the Sight Word –Election Edition
Vote for President drawing activity
Cut/Paste Duck for President words
Cut/Paste d Words
Color d/p words
4 writing prompts,
1 Build a sentence
Sample Ballots to use for class vote
Roll/Trace the lower case letter
Match the upper/lower case letter
Duck for President Sequencing Activity
Duck for President mini-book
Voter Registration Cards
Compare the Candidates Page
Vote/I Voted Button Templates

Sight Word Football game for Kindergarten

Football Sight Word Game
Are you ready for some football? Here is a fun football sight word game!
This Sight Word Football Game helps reinforce and practice sight words and makes learning fun. All Dolch Sight Words (pre-primer through level 3) are included. You can also play the game to reinforce the alphabet too (We have included footballs with letters on them as well). 52 Pages in all. The game board comes in both color and black and white. All of the balls/pieces are in black/white for easy printing.. You can print them on colored paper! .I also just added colored footballs as well!
Rules for the game:
1.) Print out the game board You can laminate the game board so that it lasts longer if you wish.
2.) Print out or choose sight words you would your students to practice. The sight words are listed according to the Dolch sight word levels. If your student is just starting to read, I suggest choosing only 1 page of words. If your student is an experienced reader, I suggest choosing 2-5 pages of sight words to practice.
3) For each practice sheet of sight words, print and cut out a sheet of “extra cards.” These cards are labeled “Touchdown, Field Goal and Penalty cards”
3.5) Each student chooses a player. (It is best to use little game pieces that stay in place and are small enough for the board). Each player starts in an endzone. (Each player starts on the word Touchdown). Players can start and play from opposite sides, working to score against each other, or they can move the same way on the board -whatever your student will understand.
4) Shuffle and turn cards upside down in a pile.
5) Player 1 chooses a card. If he reads the sight word correctly, he can move ten yards (one line) on the board. If not, he moves back one line (or stays on Touchdown). If he chooses a card that says Touchdown or Field Goal, he gets 6 points for a touchdown or 3 points for a field goal. If he gets a penalty card, he must move back 1 line on the board (or stay on Touchdown).
6). Player 2 takes a turn, doing the same thing as Player 1 in Rule 35.
7) As players advance across the board and score touchdowns, they receive 6 points, and start back at the opposite side.
You can play this game with the alphabet letters for littler ones. You can also play with the sounds of the letters as well.
Play for as long or high scoring as you wish. The more practice, the better!

Football Digital Beginning Sound Game
Your students are going to love playing this Beginning Sound Digital football themed game. This football game is great for Superbowl week or fall, or any other time of year!
This game is in PowerPoint, or they can be played on paper too! There is a response card you can use if playing on PowerPoint, or on paper. Beginning sounds that appear and are tested in this game are: L, M, B, H, C, D, R, J, A, F, T, G, E, K, S, P, O
How to play the game. Students choose (or spin) a place on the board. Once they choose which letter they will try, they must say the letter, and select the picture of the word that has the correct beginning sound for the letter. If they select incorrectly, they can go back and try again.
The preview has a one slide example of the game. Only the first spot on the board works (the letter L). Have fun and enjoy!

Beginning Sound Kindergarten football game
100th Day lesson activities - Make learning fun on your 100th day of school!

100th Day Lesson/Activities
—-100th Day writing Prompt
—–100th Day Color by Letter/Color by Sight Word
—–100th Day Writing Prompt (3)
—–100th Day Hat
—–100th Day Stamps Booklet
—–100th Day County by 5s
—–100th Day Cut/Paste sequencing
—–100th Day minibook
—–100th Day Certificate
—–100th Day Snack Page

February Sight Word pack
Need a fun, interactive activity to help practice sight words? Great practice work for kindergarten, first grade, classroom or homeschool. Perfect for morning work, literacy centers, independent seat work, guided activities and homework! Each worksheet features one of the Dolch sight words. Students read, color, trace, write, spell,and write a sentence for each word. This February Edition Edition has Valentine's Day and presidents day pictures. This packet includes all Dolch sight words for each level -3 pictures/worksheets for each sight word including the nouns. There are over 630 pages in all!


Help your students with the writing process....  Each of these writing prompt packs contain...
---60+ pages: (15+different writing prompts)
There are 4 different types of pages for each writing prompt.
–One that has a picture and a place to respond to the prompt
—One that has 2 of the same writing prompts on the page so that you can cut it in half/ optimize on paper.
—One that is for a longer writing prompt/a full sheet of paper
–One that just has a drawing -for students that are younger or at a different level and need to just draw.


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