Free Color by Number Zoo Animals!

Today we have a free color by number zoo animals!!    This activity is sponsored by the Practice Monkeys. 

The Practice Monkeys wanted to thank teachers and homeschoolers for all the hard work they have been doing….(now and always!) 

THANK YOU Practice Monkeys!  (Check them out!  They have some amazing things to offer!)  

Practice Monkeys is LIVE online music lessons for one low family price. For example, say Jim signs up for piano ($49/month). The whole family can take piano for one low price per program (i.e. piano and guitar lessons). Lessons take place in a group setting where students learn from each other, interact with each other, and receive immediate feedback. What is more, the students begin to develop community and notice when their classmates are missing or go on to the next level. Practice Monkeys is LIVE, fun, and community especially during the COVID lockdowns. Here at Practice Monkeys we believe that practice is at the heart of learning an instrument so we make practice as fun and as enjoyable as possible.

In addition, Practice Monkeys sponsored a GIVEAWAY!  The winner of the Giveaway will receive 1 month of Practice Monkeys + an assessment!  There will be several winners!

To enter the giveaway, fill out the form below:

I am excited to learn about Practice Monkeys because I have several musicians in my family and having one membership for the entire family sounds amazing!  Thank you Practice Monkeys!
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