Free Reading Readiness Tracing Worksheets

One of the main things we focus on at Sight and Sound Reading is Reading Readiness.  Why?  Because we want to make sure your little ones are ready to read when they begin our free learn to read program!   One skill that children should work on before learning to read (or while learning to read) is holding a pencil correctly and tracing over a line.  This helps the child learn how to write letters correctly/practice handwriting.  It also helps them with fine motor skills.

Free Reading Readiness Tracing Worksheet. For more free resources to help teach your child to read, visit

One of my favorite stages in baby development is when a baby is starting to learn fine motor skills.  If you put a pea or Cheerio in front of the baby, she tries to pick it up with her little fingers. You can watch her concentrate so hard on picking up the little object.  She will watch her practice pinching her two fingers together, spending so much care and time trying to improve her new skill.  It is my hope that these tracing worksheets will be just as motivating to your little reader.  Use a highlighter or crayon or pencil and have your little one practice drawing over the line to help the elf reach Santa.  Better yet, have your little one practice these worksheets with all three of those:  highlighter, crayon and pencil.  Each of those writing tools are different sizes and offer a different challenge to your little one!

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Reading Readiness Tracing Worksheets
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  1. I have tried to download worksheets twice. I receive a message that tells me to go to my email inbox for the download instructions but I have received nothing in my inbox. How to solve the problem?

  2. I have applied for the free tracing work book for my kids twice and nothing has come though on my emails. Can something be done please as they will be a perfect addition to the travel books for my girls? thank you

    1. Hi there, I will send you these sheets in email now… and then hopefully that will get the system to work in the future. If not, just let me know and I can always send them to you. Also, check a “spam” folder, sometimes they go there… Anyway, I will send the sheets now…

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