July 4th Writing Prompts

Today I wanted to bring you some July 4th Writing Prompts.  July 4th is an important day and holiday in American History.  Families often have traditions they do each year.  Regardless, children and adults usually have a fun time celebrating.  Our home is no different.  I have a sister and a daughter born on the 4th of July.  We always have a birthday party, complete with fireworks!  We also think it is important to learn about American history and the reason behind why we celebrate. These 4th of July Writing Prompts help the students writing about the celebrations and reflect on the freedom that America has.

July 4th Writing Prompts - Get your preschool, kindergarten , first or second grade students writing and drawing about the 4th of July with these cute and fun 4th of July Writing Prompts. M

July 4th Writing Prompts

July 4th is a great opportunity to help your students practice writing over the summer. These July 4th Writing Prompts will help students think about July 4th, and why we honor, reflect, remember and celebrate it.

This product contains 50+ pages: There are 4 different types of pages: One that has a picture and a place to write the Earth Day writing prompt, one that has 2 of the same writing prompts on the page so that you can cut it in half/ optimize on paper. One that is for a longer writing prompt/a full sheet of paper and then one that just has a drawing -for students that are younger or at a different level and need to just draw.

Free Memorial Day Writing Prompt Sample

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July 4th Writing Prompts
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