Lil’ Beanies Snack for little ones

As a mom, I continually struggle to find healthier snacks that you can just grab and go…(especially for the littlest people).  Anyway, we found a fun snack that my 2 year old enjoys…(she actually ate the entire container in one day!)

Gerber®  sponsored this post and  they asked me to purchase Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM for my little 2 year old to try.  So…yesterday we took a trip to our local Walmart!  She was very excited to get a shopping trip all to herself with Mommy -and was even more excited to find and purchase the Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM!

 Gerber Lil beanies - fun snack for toddlers!

Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM are a new baked snack made of navy beans.  Because they are made of beans, they have good protein and fiber – I am glad it helps me sneak in some healthier goodness when we are on the go (or, just snacking in the house!)   Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM comes in original and Cheddar broccoli.  her favorite was the original but I am glad we tried both!  Over the course of the day, she ate the entire container of the original brand.  I had them sitting on the kitchen counter andshe just kept coming over and sneaking a few at a time.

Gerber Lil beanies - fun snack for toddlers!

So…  if you have a little one, go try these new snacks!  Head over to your local Walmart now because there happens to be an iBotta offer on them!

Gerber Lil Beanies

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