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But I don't have a lot of extra spending money each month - No problem!  One LOW cost for EVERYTHING!

But is it organized?  Yes!  Very easily organized -Seasonal/Holiday activities can be downloaded by month of the year, Other activities are organized by theme or letter of the alphabet that is being taught.

BUT I spend enough money already on teacher items - You likely will be able to not purchase other materials- We have THOUSANDS of diverse activities to teach sight words, cvc/phonics, letter of the week, popular pictures books, craft ideas and more!

But I can search online and find so many free materials - Why waste your time searching?  We have a nicely organized membership site by month of the year and letter of the alphabet.  You will easily be able to find and download what you need in very little time (and no extra money!)

But I already have a curriculum I use - These materials are a great supplement.  You can easily use these as substitute plans, as morning work, as homework, as literacy center work.  

But I have several different levels of students - These activities are differentiated for PK through Grade 1.  I have my masters in Special Education so, it is very important to me to reach different levels of learners.  

But I am not a teacher -That is okay too!  My own children LOVE these activities...They are fun and perfect for a grandma to use with their grandchildren or a mom to use to treat her children.  The children will not even know they are reinforcing educational skills!

But I have been teaching for X years and I already have everything - These make a great supplement and you won't be disappointed in your purchase, You literally will get THOUSANDS of pages of organized activities for very little cost that you can just print and go and will make little ones smile.  

BUT...Here is what our customers say...

Mrs.Karle's reading program is one of the best and easy to use programs we have came across.My daughter has autism and learning disabilities. We have tried many things to teach her to read without success.With the repetitiveness and shortened lessons of this program ,my daughter is starting to achieve some of her goals.I recommend this product to anyone that can't read or who is struggling.It is amazing!  -Peggy

I own lots of other teach your child to read programs, but this is the one I'll be teaching my kids to read with from now on. I think this curriculum would also be excellent for struggling readers, kids who don't get phonics or for elementary teachers who have to teach a whole classroom to read.  -Deanna

As a homeschooling parent who has taught one child to read, as well as helped two struggling readers who began homeschooling in the early elementary years, and also as a former kindergarten teacher and librarian, I am really just very genuinely impressed with this program.  Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound Reading uses solid principles for teaching reading and materials are well laid out for ease of use.  -Angie

Very cute activities. My students loved them! Thank you. - Glenna

This helps my special ed students so much and other teachers tell me how much they love them! - Heather

Fun activities! Can be used with a variety of learners.  Great for literacy centers!  -Brittaney

What a great find and great price! This was wonderful for our small groups! - Celeste

You have provided many options of papers. These papers can be used for so many things (homework, morning paper, language arts centers). It will keep the children very busy. Thank you! - Tracey

Thank you so much, this was just what I was looking for and worked great with my kinders! My students loved the activities! - Kelly

Everything you need in one convenient package! What more could a teacher want. Thanks! - Susan

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Meeghan Mousaw, Sight and Sound Reading

Hello! I'm Meeghan. I have my master's in special education and I'm mommy to six little ones. I discovered my mother's reading program hidden in her basement... Teaching my children to read was so easy, my mother and I wanted to share it with you. Learn more about my mother and me here.