Pictures of the Alphabet and Teacher’s Manual

A Step-by-Step guide to teaching the alphabet – and 3 alphabet posters you can laminate and use in your classroom.Teaching the alphabet is easy with Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound Reading Step-by-Step guide to teaching the alphabet. This alphabet and step-by-step teacher’s manual highlights the upper case letters, the lower case letters, the vowels, and the different printed/type font. Upper case letters are printed above lower case letters. Vowels have a pink background, consonants have a white background, and the different fonts for the letters a, g, I, J, and t that frequently confuse children are explicitly taught.For instance, Mrs. Karle’s alphabet highlights the three different types of “g”s that frequently confuse children, and teach the children that even though they look differently, they all sound (and are) the same. (Other letters that look differently are the “a”, the “I”, the “J”, and the “t”.

A step-by-step guide on how to teach confusing letters upper and lower case, and vowels and consonants is included.There are three different alphabets included in this packet.

1) A simple learning alphabet without pictures. By introducing this alphabet first, the students are less confused and easily learn upper and lower case concepts, vowels and consonants, and the confusing fonts.
2) A colorful fun carousel alphabet – again with upper case letters higher than lower case letters, pink colored background for vowels and white color for consonants, and animals that highlight the different fonts of each letter that frequently confuse children.
3) A black and white carousel alphabet that children can color.

There are so many fun details and suggestions in this teachers manual and alphabet banner. For instance, on the letter c, there is a centipede that is crawling up the carousel. On the centipede are the letters ‘ce/ci/cy’ – this helps the students remember that when you see these letter combinations, the ‘c’ sounds like an ‘s’. The animals that help teach the letter ‘g’ are the giraffe and the goat -highlighting the different sounds a ‘g’ can make.

(You can see pictures by clicking on the image below)


  1. Does this Teach the Alphabet packet include the Alpabet cards that Mrs. Karle used in the video? Also, I’m not sure I understand the premium membership. The description states it includes everything on the site, but there were a few products on the shopping list that I did not see on the membership. What is generally excluded in the premium membership? Thank you.

    1. Hi there, Thanks for your question. The Alphabet packet is included in the premium membership. Actually, absolutely everything on the site currently is included in the membership packet! It is an amazing deal! Anyway, the alphabet packet – with the carousel pictures and the alphabet pictures with out the images are all within the membership site. Anything I upload I put in the membership site. I am working on making a better description page to describe the membership, but, everything is there. If you purchase it and don’t see something, you can always feel free to write me and ask me about what you are looking for. If I overlooked something/it did not get uploaded for whatever reason, I will make sure you get it/I will upload it there. 🙂 Feel free to write me any questions to [email protected] (Or, asking questions in the comments here works too!)

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