Presidents Day Writing Prompts

President Thomas Jefferson famously said “I cannot live without books”.  I am guessing he could not live without writing as well!    “Today i bring you Presidents Day Writing Prompts that great for kindergarten, first or second grade!  The writing prompts are great to help your students think and write about President’s Day! I have modified the prompts so that they can be used for several different levels.  Before you start writing, though, I suggest some great Presiden’ts Day books like I am Abraham Lincoln or Our Abe Lincoln.  I have some great presidents day lesson plans and Abraham Lincoln coloring pages to go along with those books.

Presidents Day Writing Prompts

This packet contains 16 different Presidents writing prompts great to be used in kindergarten, first or second grade.  As you know, kindergarten students do not really write much during the first weeks of school. Each writing prompts has 4 different pages you can use – one that has a picture with something to write, one they can write a full page prompt, one that you can cut the page in half and write a half page prompt and then one that the student can just draw.  The drawing prompt allows the student to think about what they would write and put their thoughts into pictures.  A picture is worth a thousand words!  Pre-writing, writing prompts!   The entire packet is 60 pages long.

Free Sample of President’s Day WritingPrompts

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