Printable Road Trip Games

Well, summer is officially here and road trips are likely upon us.  If you have arrived here,  you are likely seeking printable road trip games.  Well, you have come to the right place!  With five kids, it can be difficult to keep everyone entertained and happy during a road trip.  There are some things I have learned, though, along the way that at least help with our family road trips.

We do put up a video player.  That helps, but of course we don’t do that the entire time.  I like to have some screen free time too.    You have to experience a road trip the old fashioned way.  Also, I think it is important to look at the scenery.    Why drive across the land and not enjoy the world around you?

We also play the game Are we there yet chat ring  I love these activities.  They are great for car, plane, bus, train -however you travel.  They require few supplies, or what supplies they do require, you already have.  (A few of them require the “sick bag” from the airplane – you use it for fun, of course, not to get sick!)  They come on a “key ring” -so, we actually keep this ring in our car and whenever we are out and about it, it is easy to come up with an idea or way to entertain the kids.

On the same theme, we also keep the game Let’s Chat Game in the car.  (We have one in the car and one we keep at home!)  These are great conversation starters, for the car, the dinner table, or out a restaurant.  If you could be anyone from history, who would you be?

I love to bring along a magnetic drawing board   Printable road trip games are great but, but I actually prefer having a magnetic drawing board because then you don’t have the paper floating around in the car.  Some paper is okay, of course, just not too much of it.  (I made the printable road trip games 10 pages long -just long enough -and you can write on both sides of the paper!)

Anyway, I also always make some printable road trip games.  These are great for the older kids.  They can read and write and play these printable road trip games with each other.  So, without too much ado, here is the info about these printable road trip games!

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card GameTravel Scavenger Hunt Card GameAmazon Buy Now ButtonRegal Games Original Travel Bingo 4 PacksRegal Games Original Travel Bingo 4 PacksAmazon Buy Now ButtonLicense Plate GameLicense Plate GameAmazon Buy Now ButtonSpot It! on the RoadSpot It! on the RoadAmazon Buy Now Button

Printable Road Trip Games

There are 22 pages in all in your free printable road trip games.  There are a few games having to do with a United States Map (name the states, name the capitals, color in the state when you have found the license plate).  There are a few games to play where you make words out of different letters.  There are a few brainstorming games and there are a few tic tac toe and hangman games.  There are some color by sight word/color by letter pages, and there are some decode the code pages.

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Printable Road Trip Games
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  1. Tara Young says:

    Would love some pintable’s for our up coming road trip!

    1. Hi there,
      I sent you a copy of the Printable road trip games…It was sent yesterday – let me know if you did not receive it. Feel free to email me at [email protected] Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Room Nine says:

    The printable road trip games are fabulous, even when not on a long road trip! One question though, and maybe I’m missing something super obvious like usual lol, but the code breaker sheets seem to be missing the letters above the emojis for the sad/mad series. Or maybe I lost a page somewhere? Please advise. Thanks and I love all of your posts! So thankful for you.


    1. Hi there,
      You are right! They would be great even when you are not on a road trip! I made them so long ago, I forgot what I included in them 🙂 That being said… I just downloaded to take a peak! LOL So page 1 of the code breaker has the letters and the emojis that correspond with them. The next sheet has the emojis with the line above…so, use the first sheet to break that code and figure out what it says. The next page with the quotation of emojis, you will use the code and just write the letters somewhere (I did not put a line b/c I think when I made it at the time, I did not want to put the quotation on 2 pages). Does that make sense? Honestly, I don’t remember what they say! LOL I will have to print and have the kids do that today. I remember what one of the sentences was, but not the rest. Also, someone wrote me today and I had to pages where you can name as many boys names. One should say “name as many girls names”. I am fixing that and re-uploading in a few minutes (so you can re-download the pack with the fix if you want). I can also have the kids crack the code and put the answers in there too, if you think that would be helpful…just let me know! I think I did not put the answer because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for any adults out there that need a road trip game 🙂

      1. Room Nine says:

        Right that makes sense, more so than at first. But I’m still having trouble. The first smiley on page 2 I see would be the letter A, but I don’t see the next smiley on page 2 listed on page 1 under a letter. So should I just fill in the letters above the smileys I do see and figure it out from there? Then use what I get to decode page 3? I appreciate your response and would love the answers if your kiddos do them. Thanks again!!

        1. Oh my goodness! You helped me crack the code LOL. I am so embarrassed! Soooo… I had my kids try to do it and I see what your issue is. I translated the emojis using a font and the font has different emojis for upper and lower case letters! Sooo…the sheets are wrong! Re-download the packet again (just enter your email aagain) and the new one will be mailed to you! Thank you for your help in figuring this out… I had no idea the silly font had different upper case and lower case letters…and of course I spot checked the first letters (which were all upper case), so I never saw that the lower case letters made no sense! Everything is fixed now. Thank you LOL. 🙂

          1. room nine says:

            Thank you so much!!!

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