Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards for Kids

Today I have a name writing activity to help children learn to write names!  We are going to make Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards for Kids.  My children love to help set the table.  They help daily with setting the table but on holidays and special occasions, they love to make place cards!  They like to figure out where people will sit.  They like to show people their place to sit.  They like to create the place cards and decorate them.  I created these Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards for Kids for my own children. I hope yours enjoy as well!  (I will be creating some for Christmas too!)


Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards for Kids
Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards For Kids - Have your children help you set the table by making these fun place cards perfect for Turkey Day

Anyway, I like to always reinforce when teaching a child to write their name (or someone else’s name), make sure you teach that the first letter is a capital letter, or upper case letter.  Then reinforce that all of the other letters are lowercase or little letters.  Many children who are just learning to write just write in upper case letters.  It is great to reinforce that most of the letters are lower case.  For my little people I like to write down the name on another piece of paper and have them copy the name.  I point out…see the upper case letter?  See the lower case letters?  A few of my children are old enough to write well and so they often help the younger kids.

So here we are making the Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards for Kids.  We colored and cut out each place card and put it on a piece of construction paper to make it stand out better.  We just lay the place cards on the plates but you can make the construction paper into a little tent and have it stand up if you wanted.

There are 5 different Printable Thanksgiving Place cards for kids included in this packet.  To get your free copy of the Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards for Kids, enter in your email into the form below. You will be added to our mailing list where you will find out about other fun things, like freebies.  If you have any issues with the download, please email me at [email protected] I am happy to help.

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Printable Thanksgiving Place cards
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  1. Dear Meeghan!
    Happy thanksgiving! Thanks a lot for your work and help!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! You are so welcome..I am so glad you enjoy the activities!

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