Printable Veteran’s Day Cards

Veteran’s Day is an important holiday.  It is a day to honor, thank and remember those who serve and have served.  Freedom is not free and those who serve or served in the military sacrifice daily to serve, protect and defend us.  As a Veteran’s Day Lesson Plan, one easy way to teach about the holiday is to thank a veteran or member of the military.  For this reason I have created some free Printable Veteran’s Day Cards for you today.

Printable Veterans Day Cards for Kids

Printable Veteran’s Day Cards

Children usually know that it is a good idea to say thank you.  If someone gives you a gift or an ice cream, it is good to say thank you and show that person you appreciate that they thought of you or helped you.  Ask the children about a time when they think they should say thank you and ask them why they should say thank you.  Transition them into …”would you ever think to thank a soldier”…  Why would you do this?  How do they help us?

If you can, invite a Veteran to come and meet your little student.  This can be a current service member you may know, or a service member from long ago.  Contact a local American Legion or Marine Corps league.  I have arranged a service member to come in and talk to the class about the flag and how to respect it.  I would not hesitate to find someone to come and talk about their service.

Then the children can work on a writing activity and thanking veterans.  I am thankful for Veterans because…  you keep me safe.  You help me.  You make me feel safe.  Print out the Printable Veteran’s Day Cards and have the students write on the cards and color/decorate the cards.  Check out these websites to figure out where to send your letters:

A Million Thanks
Write Letters to Soldiers

Teach the children a patriotic song:  America the Beautiful, the Star Spangled Banner.  Teach them the Pledge of Allegiance.

Some great books to go along with a Veteran’s Day lesson include….

Veterans: Heroes in Our NeighborhoodVeterans: Heroes in Our NeighborhoodDon't Forget, God Bless Our TroopsDon’t Forget, God Bless Our TroopsThe Wall (Reading Rainbow Books)The Wall (Reading Rainbow Books)Hero DadHero DadHero MomHero MomPepper's Purple Heart: A Veterans Day StoryPepper’s Purple Heart: A Veterans Day StoryGranddad Bud: A Veterans Day StoryGranddad Bud: A Veterans Day Story


These are good books that help teach children what Veteran’s do.   It helps give them a greater appreciation for them -instead of a sort of intangible/hard to understand concept (and big vocabulary word:  Veteran!).  The Book The Wall is a sad story and very sobering -but, nonetheless important.  (It makes a great book for Memorial Day), but can be used for Veteran’s Day too!

In the packet there are 12 cards in all.  They are in black/white and in color.

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Printable Veteran's Day Cards
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If you want to go further in depth when you are teaching about Veteran’s Day, check out our Veteran’s Day writing prompts!


  1. This is lovely. When do you celebrate veterans day? 11/11? If so, we referer to it as rememberence day and our symbol is the poppy. I think talking about it the way we do is our British way but I’d love to incorprate something like this as it would really help children to grasp it as it is a little more child friendly and easier for them to understand. I love that you can send them to a company that will distribute them for you. I must check to see if we have anything like this in the UK. Thank you for linking with #featurefridays

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