Beginning Sound/Letter/Phonics Practice for Kindergarten Google Classroom



This is a Google Slides document to help Kindergarten students through distance learning.

On each slide, students have to move objects that all start with the same letter. For instance, on the letter A, students move objects that start with the letter A onto the alligator. Students have to be careful not to move objects that start with the wrong letter!

Fun Beginning Sound/Letter/Phonics practice!

BONUS GAME: This is a fun google classroom / distance learning game your students can play to practice and recognize the letters and letter sounds. Your students are going to love playing this Beginning Sound Digital football themed game. This football game is great for Superbowl week or fall, or any other time of year!

This game is in PowerPoint, or they can be played on paper too! There is a response card you can use if playing on PowerPoint, or on paper. Beginning sounds that appear and are tested in this game are: L, M, B, H, C, D, R, J, A, F, T, G, E, K, S, P, O

How to play the game. Students choose (or spin) a place on the board. Once they choose which letter they will try, they must say the letter, and select the picture of the word that has the correct beginning sound for the letter. If they select incorrectly, they can go back and try again.

The preview has a one slide example of the game. Only the first spot on the board works (the letter L). Have fun and enjoy!


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