St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts


This packet contains 20 different St. Patrick’s Day and spring writing prompts great to be used in kindergarten, first or second grade. Each writing prompts has 4 different pages you can use – one that has a picture with something to write, one they can write a full page prompt, one that you can cut the page in half and write a half page prompt and then one that the student can just draw. The drawing prompt allows the student to think about what they would write and put their thoughts into pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words! Pre-writing, writing prompts! The entire packet is 60+ pages long.


Help your students think and write about love and friendship with these St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts. There are 15+ Writing Prompts and 60+ pages in this packet.

Students can think and write about love and friendship.

This product contains 60+ pages: (15+ different writing prompts)
There are 4 different types of pages:
–One that has a picture and a place to respond to the prompt
—One that has 2 of the same writing prompts on the page so that you can cut it in half/ optimize on paper.
—One that is for a longer writing prompt/a full sheet of paper
–One that just has a drawing -for students that are younger or at a different level and need to just draw.


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