Summer Water Games and Worksheets

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Free Summer themed color by letter/color by sight word worksheets..and great ideas for water games!My children are crazy excited for summer to be here.  We live in the north so it is still cold here.  We have had a few days of seventy degree weather and my children have already asked a few times if they could take out the hose and make a water slide.  They just cannot wait to be able to play summer water games this summer.  I showed them a picture of a new water slide, called H2OGO!, and now they are counting the days until summer!
H2OGO! has a tough, inflatable launch pad that creates a smooth landing while propelling riders headfirst into a super-fast ride down the 18-foot slide. It’s launch pad eliminates the belly flop “ouch” that’s common with other water slides.  The slide also has a patent-pending Speed Ramp™ to make it that much more fun! Easy to set up in just minutes, the H2OGO! Water Slide comes in a single, double and triple model, adding a new level of interactive outdoor fun by allowing kids to compete against their friends for the title of neighborhood champion, while keeping cool all summer long.undefined

As you may know, I have 5 children, so, many times my house is the center of fun.  If someone is looking for someone to play with, everyone comes to our house because there is always someone free to play, and we have many ages of children around!  The H2OGO! slide is going to be an amazing addition to the summer fun!  Summer + water + H2OGO! Water Slide = CRAZY FUN!  I can’t wait to watch all my kids and the neighbors race each other!

Another fun thing my children love to do is to color their play set with chalk.  It is fun to watch their play house turn all sorts of different colors.  Then, they take out the hose and they bring it over to the play set and they drape it from the monkey bars, creating a shower.  So many fun summer water games!

Anyway, I wanted to make some color by letter/color by sight word summer worksheets to add to my collection!  To get your free summer water games worksheet, enter in your email into the form below.  You will be added to our mailing list where you will find out about more fun things, like free worksheets!  If you have any trouble getting your worksheets, please email me at [email protected]

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  1. I think if we had this water slide, my boys would not come inside. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. This would be the center of the party. Pretty sure it will be the entire party.

  3. Holy cow! I think even my 21 year old and his buds would love that!!

    1. LOL, Haha, I am pretty sure they would love it too! Heck, I think I might give it a try sometime. 🙂

  4. I’m having baby #5 in July, my 4 other kids would love to have this water slide to play on this summer while I have some much needed resting time 😉 Thanks for a great giveaway !

    1. Yay to be a mom of 5… Your house would be the center of fun..(it probably already is!) 🙂

  5. Alicia Forrester says:

    I was wondering how well you liked this slide and how well it holds up to a large family of rowdy kids, (you know, normal use! LOL. )

    1. Hi there, I am glad you asked. I have been meaning to update the post. So this is our second year with the Blast Zone. My kids LOVE it. Their ages are 2, 4, 6, 9, 10. They play on it every single day. They usually spend the morning indoor and then early afternoon rolls around, they can’t wait to get outside. they help set it up (bring out the electrical cords)…I actually hook it up/tie it on and then make sure everything goes up smoothly. I then sit indoors and watch them… enjoying the air conditioning. Every 2 days we move it a little bit so that we don’t damage the lawn. (Blast Zone recommends moving it indoors every day so that weather doe snot damage it). We do not do this -it is heavy and large -so we just move it around to help the lawn be better. We have had virtually no issues with it. There was a small tear on the area going up to the ladder that happened this year (the second year). This was smaller than the size of a dime -really small. I watched some youtube videos on how to fix…Blast Zone sent a few patches when it came. I cut one of those patches and used some waterproof gorilla glue and covered the tear. Everything has continued to work great -with patch and all! I hope the thing works forever because we will definitely purchase another if it doesn’t…because the kids literally are out there every day for hours. We have a playground in our yard too -but, during the summer… it is Blast Zone all the way. Be prepared for neighbors to come over -we usually have 7 or 8 kids out there at any given time. Also, another thought. I have not tried other company’s products -but when I had the tear -I did go and look at different sites to learn what to do. Blast Zone says they use better material than the other companies. I do agree with this because in watching the youtube videos on fixes, you could just tell the material seemed different for the other companies. The vinyl or whatever is used for the Crocodile Isle we have is very strong. I don’t even know how our small tear happened…it was not from wear/over use, etc . My guess is a child was not being smart an punctured it with a stick or something. Anyway, I definitely highly recommend. My kids absolutely love it and I enjoy watching from them.

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