Teaching Numbers and Place Value

Teaching Numbers and Place Value

There are so many fun ways that you can teach numbers and place value.  Doing worksheets or counting during calendar gets boring not only to the teacher, but to the little mathematician.  Today we will explore a fun, hands-on, tactile manipulative that you can use to teach number and place value with preschool, kindergarten or first grade and beyond!

When you are teaching, it is important to teach to many different learning styles.  Some children learn visually, some learn by listening, while others prefer a more hands-on approach.  When you teach different methods to target different learning styles, children learn better and their brains absorb the information through the different procedures.

For instance, if you were teaching a child to bake cookies, you could have them watch you, you could dictate the directions, or you could have your child participate with you.  With the hands-on experience making the cookies, the child’s muscle memory for making cookies will be stronger the next time they actually have to make cookies.

The same is true with math (or anything you teach!)  Finding tactile, hands-on methods to teach math will strengthen the math muscle memory and help a child to understand math better.

I was sent an amazingly neat product, newméro Bricks, to review.  Newméro  Bricks is a great STEM toy/math manipulative that will help you teach numbers and place value.

Teaching Numbers and Place Value: Numero Bricks


Numero Brick: Teaching number and place value using an innovative math manipulative


Take a look at a newméro Brick (and watch the video to learn more too):  Each brick has knobs along the top.  The children can feel and see the knobs and compare:  Which block is a bigger number or which block is smaller?

In addition (and THIS IS SUPER COOL!)  Each brick has a jigsaw edge and bricks of the same color “lock” together when they add up to 10, 100, 0r 1000 together.    So, a child can take the number 20 and lock it together with a number 80…OR take a number 300 and lock it together with a 700.  (You can see in my image above that the 3 and the 7 lock together perfectly).

Each brick has a stacking knob on it so that children can build larger numbers and learn place value.  The bricks stack on top of each other and each place value is a different color:  Thousands are orange, hundreds are blue, tens are green and ones are yellow.

Anyway, I was super impressed by the newméro Bricks!  They really do a great job helping children tactilely experience math and numbers.

I created some number and place value worksheets that you can use with newméro Bricks!  Download and print these worksheets and then grab your newméro Bricks and help your little people touch and experience math!

Teaching Number and Place Value with Newmero bricks Teaching number and place value with newmero bricks Click Here to Download a Free Activity to use with your newméro Bricks
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