Teaching Phonics using Word Ladders: ‘in’ Word Family

In the day 1 video, Mrs. Karle teaches the students new words to increase vocabulary, and reinforce phonics.
In the Day 2 video, Mrs. Karle asks students questions to help increase the students vocabulary. 
In Day 3, Mrs. Karle teaches the students how to read and write each of the students new words.
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  1. Such an interesting approach, this. The word `in’ sure does get interesting in the view of a child. The beauty of phonics is in the pronouncing of the words in a way that a child is able to grasp rather well. Having taught for a while now, I know the importance of making it interesting for kids to learn. I however also found a site that makes for good consultation for teachers like me to go borrow ideas on how best to make learning interesting. Works just as well for parents too.

    Daniele Wren

  2. The repeated use of letters helps kids to be able to memorize therefore they are more able to use it in different ways. Mrs. Karle teaches kids to learn how to use letters to increase and improve the vocabulary of a child. Very instrumental ways of having the words stick in the mind of the child.

    Dani Rren

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