Vowel Y makes the i sound:Free Videos to teach Phonics

 Vowel Y says I videos

Here are the worksheets that teach the short u and long u and y as a vowel making the e and i sounds.   (There is a small fee for this to help keep our site running. We hope someday we can offer everything for free -but…right now – we need to help the site pay for itself.)  You can purchase a bundle with all the vowels here.  You can also find a free copy of the long and short a worksheets here).  Regardless of if you choose to purchase worksheets or not, the videos are here for you to help your children learn to read!  We have two different types of worksheets within our phonics workbook.  All of the worksheets have words to sound out with your children, and for the children to write as they sound out each word.  Some of the worksheets have a sentence at the bottom, whereas others just have words to sound out.  Mrs. Karle always wrote sentences with her students to teach them the proper technique when writing a sentence:  Starts with a capital letter, and ends with a period, or question mark, etc.  Additionally, the sentences use many different sight words, and they help the students learn to read/write/spell tricky words.     We also have worksheets with words that the students can trace to further help the child learn to read, write and spell.  The worksheets that do not have the sentences included are intended to go a little bit more in depth to help the struggling reader/writer/speller.  We have an additional page with the sentence included so that these struggling readers also learn about sentences and sight words.   If you get through the first few pages and your child really understands reading, writing and spelling this phonics skill, – then you may not want to do the last few pages of the short ‘a’ sound.  If, however, you feel your child needs more practice -then, we made extra videos and worksheets that take things more slowly to really help a struggling student.  I had a struggling reader, and these videos have helped TREMENDOUSLY to teach and guide her to sounding out words.  However you use these worksheets and videos, Mrs. Karle encourages you to either chorally in a classroom of children, or, one on one with a child, sound out each word and write each word with the child, showing them what to do and say.  She found so much success with struggling (and non-struggling) readers because she was slow, repetitive, and guided them every step of the way.   So….here you have it – Mrs. Karle teaching that when y is a vowel, it can make the long ‘i’ sound.

In this video, Mrs. Karle teaches that when y is a vowel, it can make the long i sound! She teaches the words fly, my, by and cry. She also helps the students sound out a question. Mrs. Karle believes in explicitly helping the students to form questions and sentences so that they learn proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling, writing, and phonics.

Mrs. Karle helps the students with y making the long i sound. She helps the students sound out and write the long i words dry, fry, shy, try, why, and sly.

This video was made to help the struggling reader. It takes things more slowly and there is more repetition. Mrs. Karle continues to help the students with sounding out words with the y making the long i sound. These words include cry, fly, my, try, why, and by.

In this video Mrs. Karle helps the students sound out and ANSWER a question. This is a great video because the students no only learn how to write a question, but -also how to answer in a complete sentence.

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