What Pet Should I Get Activities

Do you have it?  The new Dr. Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get? has been released.  I was so excited to receive my copy in the mail and put together a few What Pet Should I Get Activities for kindergarten fun.  If you have not gotten the book, What Pet Should I Get?, you should.  I sincerely think it is one of his best books (and they are all awesome!)  It has a great plot and a great message.  Not only do I have some great recommendations for What Pet Should I Get Activities but I also have some free What Pet Should I Get Writing Prompts for you…. Enjoy!

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What Pet Should I Get captures a classic childhood moment of a child choosing a pet.  Not only does it capture this moment well, but, it is a lesson in decision making and how difficult making a decision can be.  What Pet Should I Get makes a great classroom lesson plan for preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Immediately when I read it, ideas rushed to my head to share with all of you!  So, without too much ado, here are some thoughts that came to mind…

What Pet Should I Get Activities

What Pet Should I Get Activities for Kindergarten or First Grade Classrooms
Adopt a Class Pet-The first What Pet Should I Get Activity I think is a great activity for the beginning of the school year.  First, I would read the book What Pet Should I Get?.  Then, I would sit the students down and tell them that we are going to pick out a class pet.  Explain to them that the class pet will be a stuffed animal because of student allergies (or choose 4 pets you could possibly get that are allowed in the classroom).  If it is a stuffed animal, you could explain that each child will have a chance to bring the pet home for a week.  Tell the students that you want them to think of which sort of pet they think would be a good pet for the classroom.  Brainstorm ideas.   Discuss the different pets the the students want to adopt.  What do they eat?  Where do they live?  (You can discuss habitat if you want to incorporate a science lesson).  After you choose the pet you can have another day making a habitat in a shoe box or in an area of the classroom for the pet.  Have the children draw a picture or write a writing prompt of which animal they would choose as their class pet.  (See free writing prompt below) Take a class vote on which class pet to get.  Set up a schedule so each student can bring it home for a week.  Create a binder and have the students take pictures of themselves with the  class pet.  Make a scrapbook of all the memories.  Have students create a picture of their favorite pet, or an imaginary pet and add it to the binder.    My family adopted [eafl id=7689 name=”Tibbar” text=”Tibbar”] He is our imaginary pet. We also have a Laborador.


Show and Tell with Pet Parade -Have students bring in their own stuffed animal.  They can only choose one to bring (oh the decisions!).  Have the students introduce their pet to the class.   How long have they had them?  Have a pet parade with the pets. March the pets around the room or around the school.   (Great teaching supplies for this found here).

Create an Imaginary Friend – Have the children make up their own pet, like the Yent found in Dr. Seuss’s book.  What would the pet be called?  Where would it live?  How big is it? Do an art project and have the children draw or make their imaginary pet.  Have the children write a writing prompts describing their imaginary friend.  (See free writing prompt below)

Read the Book -“Let’s Get a Pet” – This is an adorable book that talks about the steps of getting a pet.  What do you need to consider?  Cute cartoon drawings walk you through the pros and cons of each animal from a hedgehog to a  mouse to a dog and beyond.  Fun, Silly, honest and perfect when choosing a pet!

Let's Get a Pet: All You Need to Know about Choosing the Perfect PetLet’s Get a Pet: All You Need to Know about Choosing the Perfect PetAmazon Buy Now ButtonWhat Pet Should I Get?What Pet Should I Get?Amazon Buy Now Button


Create a Pet- Have the students create their own pet.  Make a balloon pet, or a pet rock or a sock pet.

 Set up a Class Pet-Store – Recreate the book and make your own class pet store!  Set up an area with different stuffed animals that are for sale and have a cash register too!  You can have an area for pet foods, or pet toys too!

Set up a Vet Clinic – Set up a Vet Clinic in your classroom.  Students will love caring for their pets and exploring through dramatic play.

Weigh the Pros and Cons-  On a large chart, black board/white board or notebook, consider the positives and negatives for each pet – What is good about a dog?  cat?  fish?  bird?  rabbit?  imaginary friend?   What is ‘bad’ about each type of pet?  How do you take care of each of them?  Discuss in depth with the children

Take a Vote!  – What pet would each student get?  Listen to their answers.  Diagram their answers -they would get get a dog, buy why?  What would they name the dog?  Help the students to write down their reasons.  Discuss the pet that the character in the book gets….(or do they get a pet?)  Talk about the ending of the book.  Take a class vote on which pet the characters go home with in the book.

Free What Pet Should I Get Writing Prompt

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What Pet Should I Get Activities

What Pet Should I Get Writing Prompt
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  1. I didn’t realize there was a new book in the Seuss collection. Thanks for sharing with #What to Read Wednesday. Love the ideas to add to the reading of what is bound to be another classic Seuss story. Hope you will link-up again next week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is definitely already a classic Seuss book. Even though they just published it, I think it is one of his best! 🙂 I’ll definitely try to remember to link up again. 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen the seuss book, (but I’ll look for it now).
    I used some of your activities with the Ontario Library Association Blue Spruce nominee “If I had a Gryphon”.

    1. Ooh, I have not heard of the book If I had a Gryphon, but I will look into that now! Sounds like a fun book! Thanks!

  3. I am having trouble finding the “What Pet Should I Get Listening Center” and the
    “What Pet Should I Get Writing Prompts”.
    I have the info you sent via email but still cannot find them.

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