2 Free CVC AM family Worksheets to Teach Phonics

Word Families are a great way to help teach phonics and expand a child's vocabulary with reading.  It also is a great way to show that reading is magic!  Cat becomes bat, bat becomes hat, hat becomes rat...  Children can build fluency (speed and accuracy) and also their reading vocabulary.  today we have some CVC AM family worksheets.

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Am CVC Word family Mini Book

2 Free CVC AT Family Worksheets -Make a Minibook!

With today's am cvc word family worksheets, students cut and paste the am words onto the page  They can then trace or write the am word below each picture.

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  1. Habba Mohamed says:

    Million thanks. It’s so helpful.

  2. Ana Torres says:

    Hello, although I am a new teacher and I am grateful for those ahead of me sharing short cuts and knowledge, I must say this page is incredible hard to read! It is harder than a magazine! Pop up anouncements every second are so distracting and i can’t finish reading the CVC’s because other anouncements are loading freezing my screen. I have a major on Art Design and I can tell you this:
    You have inspired me to go directly to: either design my own and move on or pay a fee on TPT without this distractions.
    You should seroiusly consider get out of the Amazon program, is just to much of a distraction. I don’t know were should I start reading, comercials everywhere.
    I hope this helps.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I offer a lot of free resources to teachers and I do know that the ads are distracting. However, I must be able to pay for the site and I must make it worth my time and effort it takes to provide the resources for free. The ads pay for the hosting for the site, and for many other expenses. Thank you, though, for the feedback! Hopfully at some point I will make more in product sales that I can justify taking some ads down. Right now, though, I do enjoy offering a lot of freebies to help teachers who would prefer that.

    2. Also, another thing to note. I do not have popups on my site. I do not approve them through my ad network. You may have a virus on your computer….as that can cause a lot of popup ads. I will write my ad network to make sure I still do not have popups, but I am fairly certain I do not (as they are illegal to have them, per Google’s ad rules). So, yeah, i will look into it to make sure everything is clear on my site, but there should be no popup ads through my site…

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