Educational Board Games for Kids

I am so excited to have come across some great educational board games for kids.
Educational Board Games for Kids - Different games you likely have never heard of that are great for teaching and fun!
I have played dozens of these games  with toddlers through college age and adults.  The are super fun and educational at the same time.  I love to play them with my own family.  We have a great time and it is fun to see them having such a good time playing games that reinforce things that they learn in school.  Anyway, here is my list of the best Educational Board Games for Kids.  Best of all is that you can get these game for free!  See this post where I explain how to get free board games for kids…(and adults).

Educational Board Games for Kids

***These are my family favorites

Educational Board Games for Kids (Preschool)

***Bee Alert (A memory game that is a ton more fun than any other memory game I know!)
***Dreaming Dragon – (Don’t wake the sleeping dragon!  Helps with fine motor and math skills)
Buddy Hop – (Helps get little ones up and moving!  Great for gross motor skills and memory)
Color Huey- (Great for learning colors, and sight words)
***Pop Belly – (Don’t pop the pig’s belly!  Great for decision making, math, scientific reasoning)

Educational Board Games for Kids (Elementary)

***CloverLeap (Early Vocabulary, Basic sentence structure, Strategy)
Tibbars Mix and Match (Primary colors, mixing colors, planning ahead)
***Winds of Fortune (Motor Skills and Taking Turns)
***Unravel Mental Mapping Color recognition, quick thinking)
MathRoom (Basic Addition, Basic Subtraction, Quick thinking)

Educational Board Games for Kids (Middle School)

***Summology (Like Scrabble for math!)
Front Runner (Pre-algebra equations, order of operations, factors)
***Walk the Dogs (Counting, multiplication, risk and reward)
***Space It(Sequencing, Patterning)
Rolling Bones  (Names of bones in body, risk and reward, sequencing of bones)
Pairamid (Working in teams, planning ahead, evaluating options)
Mirror Mansion (Angles and early geometry, science of reflection)

Educational Board Games for Kids (Teens/Family) 

**Get 4 and Score (Quick Recall, vocabulary)
Eye to Eye (Creativity)
***Handy (Twister for your fingers)
***Let’s Chat (Great for around the dinner table or at a restaurant)
Pelican Cove (Solving for multiplication unknowns, decision hierarchy, symbolic algebra)
***Bid a Letter(Building words, problem solving)
***Farkel and Grabbage (Risk and reward, observation, math, strategy)
***Word Bits -(Spelling, cognitive skills, increased vocabulary)

The company that makes the board games is called SimplyFun The best way to discover the best board game for you is to go to the SimplyFun and click on the button on whether you are a parent, grandparent, educator, therapist, etc. and then  fill out their advanced search form.  They ask you what age child you are looking for and then any specific things you would like the child to learn/or be reinforced.

There you can choose if you want math skills reinforced, or critical thinking, or fine motor, or memory, etc.  When you go into each game you can see which skills they reinforce for the children under “core curriculum”.  It also lists specific skills the child will learn.  Anyway, here are my picks for best educational board games for kids (by age group).  I only recommend things I have played.  I choose them because they are FUN, (and educational).  All the games are educational.  They need to be FUN (for the child and whoever else is playing) in order for me to recommend.  Also, all of these games are award winning! Kid tested, mother approved, these games are the best educational board games for kids!

I am totally in love with these board games!  I am seriously impressed at how well they teach the kids and how fun they are to play -(for both kids and adults!)  I am an independent consultant for Simply Fun.  If you want to be added to the SimplyFun educational board games mailing list and find out about fun board game opporutnities, (sales, parties, etc) enter in your information below and you will receive some free printable road trip games!  (We send out a newsletter once/month about fun board games)

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