Free Kindergarten Worksheet: Label the Snowman!

Today I have a little it of fun copy work for our little one – great for preschool or kindergarten it is a fun,  label the snowman free worksheet! Children get to label the parts of the snowman:  eyes, nose, mouth, arms and body. …  a sort of science lesson – snowman style!

Free Kindergarten Worksheet -Label the Snowman! Fun free worksheet brought to you by #education #kindergarten #phonics

Writing this post actually reminded me of building a snowman with the kiddos a few years ago.  We had one of those adorable snowmen kit so our snowman looked extra adorable.    They decided to name the snowman “Pirate.”  He was a cute little thing and the children were so proud of him.  Here is a picture of Pirate.    They say they named him Pirate because one eye was larger than the other, sort of like he was wearing a patch.  Remember you can build a snowman with your little one with this free worksheet.  Fun "virtual" snowbuilding worksheets for little ones... visit

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  1. What fun!! Thanks for sharing the download!

  2. Such a fun way to learn the body parts! Thanks for sharing on Toddler Fun Friday 🙂

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