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When teaching a child to read, it is essential that you teach both sight words and phonics.   Sight Words are especially important because they occur so frequently in the materials that little people read.    Sight words are SOOOOO important because they occur so frequently when a child reads.   Today I have a good sight word page download for you.  This Good Sight Word Worksheet is part of a larger pack of sight word worksheets.  I LOVE these little fluency books.

Sight words are (usually) words that are difficult to sound out.  Frequently words that children read can contain up to 80% of sight word text!  Because children have to read sight words so frequently, it is essential to make sure that children can read these words fluently (accurately and quickly).  When teaching sight words, though, you don’t want to just teach them using flash cards.  Children need to read sight words IN CONTEXT.   Sight words are more easily remembered and understood when you read them in the context of a sentence.  In addition,  it it great to practice writing sight words in the context of a sentence (or, cutting and pasting sight words into a sentence).  The more practice, the easier reading becomes!   If you differentiate the sight word activities, students will continue to have fun learning.   If you are looking for a fun game to play while learning sight words, consider Zingo!  It is just like Bingo, except with sight words.  My children love to play it!  I love that you can get it for different levels!

Zingo Sight WordsZingo Sight Words

Good Sight Word Worksheets -for preschool, kindergarten, or first grade - Build sight word fluency with these interactive sight word worksheets

The good Sight word page has a few activities to help students read and write the word fluently.  You can actually make the worksheet into a little mini-book. Students practice writing, coloring, tracing, building and cut/pasting the sight words into a 7 page mini-book of the sight word. You can also just leave this as a worksheet activity if you don’t wish to make the mini-book.

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Good Sight Word Worksheet
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