Halloween Game for Kids

Whether you decide to take the kids out for an hour of trick-or-treating and then come back for the party, or just forego the neighborhood wanderings this year, it is an absolute must that you have a fiendishly good time by playing Halloween games. So, as such, I wanted to share with you a Halloween Game for Kids that we like to play… Okay, I am going to share with you a few Halloween games!

Halloween Game for Kids - Several fun game ideas to help put even more fun in Halloween

Halloween Game for Kids

Here are some great ideas for Halloween games to make everyone giggle and have a good time.  Many of these games adults would have fun playing as well!…

  • Skeleton, Skeleton, Ghost – Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose, we play Skeleton, Skeleton Ghost!  Tap the ghost on the shoulder and run around the circle chasing the skeleton!  Make sure you act silly like a ghost and a skeleton would!
  • Pass the Pumpkin – This game is great fun and all you need are three pumpkins and some people. Just group up the players into groups of pretty even ability levels, or make it kids against the adults or boys against the girls if you like. Each group starts with a pumpkin and the first player passes it to another in the group. Then that person passes it on to someone else, and so on. The winning team is the team that does not drop the pumpkin. Ohhh…did I forget to mention, you should put some Crisco on the pumpkins first? Howling good fun! This is an outside game of course!
  • Hide and Shriek – Another traditional favorite …Hide and Seek, only those who hide have to shriek really loud when they are found.
  • Mummy Maniacs – This game is way cool and all you need is some white crepe paper or rolls of toilet paper. First, divide up the kids (or adults) into teams of two players each. One takes the paper and makes the other one into the mummy, being sure to wrap the legs together, not separately. Then, the non-mummies run around in a roped-off area, and it is the job of the mummies to “capture” an enemy partner. The first one to hug the enemy is the winner.
  • Ghost in the Graveyard –  Another traditional favorite, perfect for Halloween!  Here is a link explaining this Halloween Game for Kids. My kids play this game ALL-THE-TIME.
  • Witches Broom Dancing – This is a variation on follow-the-leader, and all you need is a broom. Put all players in a circle. The first person takes the witch’s broom and dances around the circle with it. Then, she hands it to whatever player she chooses, and that person must imitate her dance exactly. If she doesn’t she sits down and another person takes a turn. The last player standing wins.
  • Spider Sack Relay Race – This game makes players into spiders and requires just a little forethought and before-the-party preparation. All you need are three old pairs of panty hose and some old rags to stuff inside them. Put the rags in the legs of the pantyhose. Then, divide the players into three teams. The first player ties the pantyhose around his waist so that the legs dangle on his sides. He bends over and crawls on his hands and feet (or hands and knees, whichever) and goes to the finish line, where a teammate waits for him. Then, the teammate takes off the dangly pantyhose spider legs, and puts them on herself and crawls back to the beginning. Play continues until all players have crawled. First team to get everyone across a finish line wins.

I also found a few games on amazon that look like a lot of fun at a Halloween party.

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Not only are these games great for kids this Halloween, but adults will have fun playing them too!  Do you have a fun Halloween Game for Kids?

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