Its Not Easy Being a Bunny Activities

Have you read the classic book It’s not Easy being a Bunny?  This easy reader is one of my children’s favorite books.   This book has a great message…  it can be hard to be yourself but, eventually you learn that is the best thing to be.   Today I have some Its Not Easy Being a Bunny Activities and ideas for you.

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Its Not Easy Being a Bunny Activities

It's Not Easy Being a Bunny ActivitiesSequencing Activities –  In this book the bunny goes from animal to animal trying to be someone he is not.  Sequence these activities to help students visually see the order of events.

Readers Theater- It is fun to put on a play and act out this book.  The bunny tries to fly like a bird, roll in the mud like the pigs – students love to pretend they are each animal in the book.

Make a Bunny!  Make a bunny mask!  Or…Make a bunny printable!  It is not easy being a bunny, but it is fun to make one!

Make a mini-book to help with retelling – Help your students with retelling by putting together a mini-book.  This can go along with your sequencing activities- put the events in order and then make a little book of your own!

Do a writing prompt – If you did not want to be a kid, what would you want to be and why?  Why would you not be good at being it?

Roll a bunny!  This activity will go great with your other Its Not Easy Being a Bunny Activities!  Roll the dice, read the sight word and build your bunny!

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  1. Your recommended activities sound like so much fun. Thanks for joining us this week on the #LMMLinkup.

  2. Irene Bowker says:

    I am interested in the It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny reader’s theater. Can you please send it to [email protected]. We would like to use it this week.

    1. Hi there, Unfortunately we don’t have a free version of the reader’s theater. In our paid product we do have cards that you can use to label people as the different animals for readers theater…(we don’t currently have the script written out). What I usually do is give each child a character/have them wear picture of the animal and then I read through the book. I have sequencing cards showing what the bunny will want to be next and then as I read, the students act out being the bunny and then going to the bear/bird/beaver/pig, etc and discovering that they don’t want to be those animals. You can actually have a few children be bears, birds, etc. Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions! I am not sure if you got the freebie for this activity or not. I will fill out the information for you so that you get the free activity too. Let me know if you don’t get it.

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