Mothers Day Writing Prompts

As a mom to 5, Mothers Day is a day that always makes my heart melt.  Cute, sweet notes from my children and hugs and kisses galore!  If I were teaching mother’s day in the classroom, I would probably have the children make a nice little handmade gift.  I would probably get some clay pots in bulk and have the kids paint them and then make a printable mothers day card and write a cheesy note inside that says something like..”my love for you grows stronger every day”..  I’m cheesy like that.  Anyway, today I have for you some Mothers Day Writing Prompts!  Moms will love them!

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Mothers Day Writing Prompts

Mothers Day Writing Prompts for Kindergarten and First grade -free sample included!

This packet contains 15+ different back to school writing prompts great to be used in kindergarten, first or second grade.  Kindergarten. As you know, kindergarten students do not really write much during the first weeks of school – these writing prompts cover all levels of writing. Each writing prompts has 4 different pages you can use – one that has a picture with something to write, one they can write a full page prompt, one that you can cut the pag in half and write a half page prompt and then one that the student can just draw.  The drawing prompt allows the student to think about what they would write and put their thoughts into pictures.  A picture is worth a thousand words!  Pre-writing, writing prompts!    Here are a few pictures…  the entire packet is 60+ pages long.

Free Mothers Day Writing Prompt Sample

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Mother's Day Writing Prompts
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