Practice Writing Name Worksheets: Making Placecards

We have been working hard at helping your little ones on name writing practice!  Today we have another fun activity to practice writing names...  we are going to make placecards for the Christmas table!  You may remember we did this just before Thanksgiving.  These worksheets are actually the same set as the ones for Thanksgiving -so if you downloaded those, no need to download again.  I wanted to write another post on practice writing names because it is a great activity for little ones to be helpful and have a good time preparing for the festivities!  So, without much further ado, please enjoy your free practice writing name worksheets…and enjoy making your placecards!

Practice Writing Name Worksheets:  Making Placecards!  Help your child write his own name, and other names using this fun name writing activity.

Free place card template for Thanksgiving and Chrstimas. Great activity to help children write their name. Visit

Place cards are practice for writing your name (or someone else’s name!).  Start with a capital letter and then the rest are lower case letters.   More tips for helping a child to write his/her name can be found here.  Additionally, it is great handwriting practice for all children.  My third grader loves to practice her cursive letters on the place cards!

1)  Have your child write names of all the guests on the paper/cards.  Make sure they start with a capital letter and make the rest of the letters lower case.  Most children starting kindergarten don’t do this, so keep reinforcing this skill.

2)  Cut the cards out of the paper.

3)  Paste the cards onto construction paper

3)  Cut out each of the cards on the construction paper.  The children can color the cards too!

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