Preschool Rainbow Necklace Craft

With spring and St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I am thinking rainbows!  Are you ready for a super simple, adorable rainbow necklace craft?  This craft is great for practicing fine motor skills… Before we begin, here are a few great books to go along with this fun activity…

What Makes a Rainbow?What Makes a Rainbow?How the Crayons Saved the RainbowHow the Crayons Saved the RainbowA Rainbow of My OwnA Rainbow of My OwnP

Preschool Rainbow Necklace Craft
Preschool Rainbow Craft Necklace... Preschool and Kindergarten students will love this fun and easy craft that is perfect for spring.


Low Fat Twizzlers Rainbow Pride for the Hipster Rainbow in you-Limited EditionLow Fat Twizzlers Rainbow Pride for the Hipster Rainbow in you-Limited EditionNeon Plastic String / Lacing Cords, Package of 6 colors, 15 Feet each colorNeon Plastic String / Lacing Cords, Package of 6 colors, 15 Feet each color

& Scissors
Muffin tin for sorting

1.   Open the package of Twizzlers and cut the licorice into 1 inch pieces.

2.   Using a muffin tin, sort the colors by placing all of the same colors in each tin.

3.   Cut your plastic beading string to 12 inches and tie a knot at the end.

4.   Begin to “bead” your necklace by dropping Twizzlers pieces onto the string in the order of the colors of the rainbow:

5.   Leave about the last 1 1/2 inches of the string without Twizzlers so you can tie the necklace in a tight knot. Snip off any extra string with a scissors.

6.   That’s it! Enjoy wearing your festive necklace. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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    1. Senta Kosters says:

      LOVE your Twizzler rainbow necklace! My Pre-K class will love this AND it is great for helping develop those fine motor skills. Thanks again for another GREAT idea!

    2. What a colorful and yummy idea. Please linkup your post(s) on my weekly Sunday’s Best linkup. Thanks for sharing.

    3. Where did you find the rainbow Twizzlers? My K kids will love this!!

      1. Hi there, My kids did LOVE making this! I wrote this post a few years ago and I don’t remember where I got them….BUT, there is a link for amazon in the post….HOWEVER, I also went out to google and typed it in and it looks like you can find them (for much cheaper) from Walmart and Target, Walgreens, Dollar Tree AND…looks like you can order online through “The Hershey Store” for pretty cheap too…Maybe call your local stores and see if they might have them. GOOD LUCK finding them! Someone else wrote me and commented that you could die penne noodles and make…(but, I personally think it it is more fun with the Twizzlers… definitely makes the kids super happy 🙂 Have fun!

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