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Products to help you teach a child or adult to read.  Teacher’s Manuals for teaching reading, writing, and spelling using sight words, phonics and more!

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  • Alphabet Animals

    Alphabet Animal Letters: Capital and Lower Case


    Upper case and lower case Alphabet Letters…. FUN!!
    This PDF contains Upper case and lower case cut/paste letter crafts!

  • Alphabet Posters and Manual


    Teaching the alphabet is easy with these 3 alphabet posters you can laminate and use in your classroom.

    The Carousel Alphabet highlights the upper case letters, the lower case letters, the vowels, and the different printed/type font.

    Upper case letters are printed above lower case letters.
    Vowels have a pink background, consonants have a white background,
    Different fonts for the letters a, g, I, J, and t that frequently confuse children are explicitly taught.

    This alphabet highlights the three different types of “g”s that frequently confuse children it teaches the children that even though they look differently, they all sound (and are) the same. (Other letters that look differently are the “a”, the “I”, the “J”, and the “t”.

    A step-by-step guide on how to teach confusing letters upper and lower case, and vowels and consonants is included.

    There are three different alphabets included in this packet.

    1) A simple learning alphabet without pictures. By introducing this alphabet first, the students are less confused and easily learn upper and lower case concepts, vowels and consonants, and the confusing fonts.
    2) A colorful fun carousel alphabet – again with upper case letters higher than lower case letters, pink colored background for vowels and white color for consonants, and animals that highlight the different fonts of each letter that frequently confuse children.
    3) A black and white carousel alphabet that children can color.

    There are so many fun details and suggestions in this teachers manual and alphabet banner. For instance, on the letter c, there is a centipede that is crawling up the carousel. On the centipede are the letters ‘ce/ci/cy’ – this helps the students remember that when you see these letter combinations, the ‘c’ sounds like an ‘s’. The animals that help teach the letter ‘g’ are the giraffe and the goat -highlighting the different sounds a ‘g’ can make.

  • Dolch Sight Word Games: Basketball Edition!

    Basketball Sight Word Game/Basketball Alphabet Game


    Basketball Sight Word Game, Sight Word Basketball Game, Sight Word Game, Alphabet basketball game, Alphabet game, basketball Alphabet game

    Sight Word Basketball Game to help reinforce and practice sight words and make learning fun. All Dolch Sight Words are included. You can also play the game to reinforce the alphabet. 52 Pages in all. The game board comes in both color and black and white. All of the balls/pieces are in black/white for easy printing. You can print them on colored paper!

  • Alphabet Bundle - Beginning Sound Worksheets

    Beginning Sound Worksheet Bundle


    View this product on TpT here…

    This packet contains Beginning Sound Worksheets for each letter of the alphabet as well as a ‘mini’ cut and paste book for each letter of the alphabet. Each beginning sound packet contains 18 beginning sound worksheets including…

    Letter Worksheets (website) from Meeghan on Vimeo.

    Begginning Letter Coloring Page with Upper case/lower case letter and things that start with the letter
    A beginning sound mini book with 6 pages
    A handwriting worksheet (with sign language on it too!)
    Trace and write the word page
    Color the Upper case W red, color the lower case W blue pages
    Trace the Letter/Color the picture pages,
    2 Handwriting worksheets for both upper/lower case letters
    Color the Letter picture
    Cut out the letter cutting practice
    Read and draw a picture that starts with…
    Cut and Paste upper case/lower case activity
    Trace/write, cut/paste Color activity for beginning sounds
    Get the preview for a free sample of a letter!

  • Summer Reading Rescue

    Summer Reading Rescue


    If you would like to help a new or struggling reader, this teacher’s manual is a step by step guide -everything you need to know and do to help students to reading success. No prep needed, everything is completely scripted and easy! This teachers manual consists of 25 daily lessons that take about 15 minutes…

  • Teaching Phonics Lesson Plans

    Teaching Phonics Lesson Plans


    Teaching the vowels is easy using these phonics worksheets. You can use these worksheets many different ways, but -one way we suggest is to chorally teach the worksheets so that every child is actively involved in sounding out and writing each letter, word and sentence. The teacher is the model that demonstrates how each word is sounded out and spelled. Each child, using his/her own worksheet, chorally makes the sounds as well, writing the letters while following along. Very quickly, children become their own models!

    This packet contains all the long and short vowels, including y as a vowel – making the sound e or i. THIS IS A BUNDLE OF ALL OF OUR VOWEL WORKSHEETS.
    The types of worksheets included are:
    • A Teacher Directed Worksheet: -This worksheet contains several picture words and a few other sight words. Underneath each of the picture words are the words which the teacher will help the student(s) chorally sound out. This worksheet can also be used as a tracing worksheet during a review day.
    • A Student Worksheet: This worksheet contains several picture words and a few other sight words. This is the worksheet that the student uses to follow along with the teacher while sounding out each word.
    • A Teacher Directed Sentence: After the students sound out each of the pictures and sight words with the teacher, the teacher helps the students sound out and write a sentence about one of the picture words. The teacher uses the teacher directed sentence to help teach sound blending, but also proper sentence structure and punctuation.
    • A Student Worksheet for Teacher Directed Sentence: A blank copy of writing paper is included for the students to write their teacher directed sentence.

    The program was intended to use these four worksheets in the following way: (You may, however, use the worksheets as desired in your classroom.)
    • Chorally sound out/ sound blend and write out each letter of each of the picture words and sight words with the students
    • Chorally sound out/sound blend and write out each teacher directed sentence. Make sure to highlight correct sentence format and punctuation: Begins with a capital letter, ends with a question mark (or period when appropriate).
    • Have students trace over (and sound out on their own) letters to further reinforce writing and phonics concepts.

    You can do these three skills together in one lesson, or, two or three different lessons on different days.

    The following skills are reinforced each day the program is used:
    • Name of letter being taught as well as individual letters in each word being written
    • Sounds of almost every letter (repeated many times each day)
    • Sound blending
    • Vowel/consonant skill reinforcement
    • Sentence structure
    • Punctuation
    • Concept of word
    • Left to right reading and writing
    • Letter formation
    • Comprehension
    • Spelling
    • Reinforcement of basic sight words

    These worksheets can be used to strengthen reading skills at any primary grade level.

  • Teaching Reading Book:


    Teaching Reading Made Easy!

    If you would like to help teach your student to read, this teacher’s manual is a step by step guide -everything you need to know and do to help students to reading success. No prep needed, everything is completely scripted and easy! This teachers manual consists of 120 daily lessons that take about 15 minutes a day. The students learn new words to read each day. The sight words build upon themselves and the students gain confidence in reading, while learning sight words, phonics, and comprehension. This teacher’s manual is a great supplement to classroom teaching. It is extremely successful with struggling readers.

    To use with struggling readers, just use this workbook each day for 15 minutes, doing as the lesson plans explain, and before you know it your struggling reader will be confident and eager to learn.

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    This product is also contained within our complete bundle of learn to read products:
    Complete Bundle of Learn to Read Products

    The teacher’s Manual exceeds all common core language foundation standards for Kindergarten and first grade, as well as exceeds language literature and informational text standards for kindergarten. Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound Reading does not agree with a common curriculum, but, recognizes reading is a foundation and wants her followers to know her products exceed any requirements to teach beginning reading.