Snowmen at Work Activities & Lesson Ideas

A fun book to read during the winter is Snowmen at Work by Caralyn Buehner.  In the book, a boy creates a snowman and soon comes to wonder whether snowmen have jobs.  Could they dentists or bakers, teachers and firefighters?  Snowmen are certainly extremely helpful!  Snowmen at Work is a great companion when doing community helper lessons.  The children can learn about the different jobs that snowmen have.  They learn the occupation vocabulary ....and, for added fun, they can act out and pretend play each job.

Snowmen at work activities to go along with the book!

Book that goes great with this activity-->

Snowmen at Work Activities and Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten or Preschool

So, I did a little brainstorming to come up with a few ideas for you to help with your Snowmen at Work unit.  It is great to help children learn what  different community helpers do.  It is great for them not only to see that there are so many people that help us each day, but also that some day they can become a community helper.

  1.  Play dress-up!  Kids love to dress up and do pretend play. . Download some free pretend play worksheets and have fun pretending to be a doctor, vet, police officer, teacher and more!
  2. Take a field trip!   – Visit a fire department, police department, library…
  3. Bring the Field trip to you!  – Ask for parent volunteers or see if you can get a fire person, police officer, librarian, doctor, dentist, vet, repair person to visit you.  Have the students ask questions.
  4. Write letters to community helpers – Write thank you notes to community helpers or write them letters to ask them questions.  If they come visit your classroom (or if you visit them), this is also another great reason to write a follow-up note or thank you too!
  5. Pretend play a restaurant! – During snack time or lunch.  Make menus and have students order their food, or have them play waiter/waitress.
  6. Do a fire safety unit in October for fire prevention month.  Bring in a fire fighter or visit a fire house.  Practice a fire drill, and practice stop/drop/roll.
  7. Do a dental health unit in February for dental hygiene month
  8. Do a postal worker unit in February or Christmas when many people mail letters.  Make cards or have people send the children cards
  9.  Survey the class on what they want to be when they grow up.  Make a chart
  10. Make a class book…  When I am big, I will be a ….  You can take pictures with the kids in a hat or a badge.
  11. Play a dress-up relay race.  Have children race to put on community helper costumes, run accross the room, tag their teammate, repeat.
  12.  Make an adorable snowman out of a Styrofoam cup....dress him up like he is going to work!
  13.  Make easy snowmen crafts out of other various materials...again, dress him up like he is ready for work!


    Editable Snowman at Work Activities Pack

    Have fun reading Snowman at Work with this EDITABLE no-prep print and go Snowmen at Work Activities fun pack.  These activities are geared for kindergarten, although you can edit to modify many of the activities to fit the age you are teaching.  Students will love to create a mini Snowmen at Work mini-book to help them re-tell the story...OR, they can create their own Snowman at work!

    Included in this pack...

    Snowmen at Work Mini-book
    Write the Room Snowmen at Work
    Cut/Paste the Letter S/not S pictures
    Roll/Trace the Letters (r,s,t, u,v,w) (And Editable version)
    Read/Glue/Trace/Draw the Sentence (3 versions)
    Character/Setting/Favorite Part
    Setting/Problem/Solution page
    How to Make a snowman sequencing
    How to make a snowman writing prompts sequencing
    How to make a snowman sequencing prompt
    How to make a snowman cut/paste  mini-book
    Match the upper/lower case letters
    If I were a snowman/job writing prompt (2 versions)
    Editable writing prompt
    Color the word family words
    Write a story using the words hat, snow, snowman, sled
    Snowman maze
    Snowman connect the dots
    Cut out the snowman
    How to make a snowman sequencing activity
    Color the winter things by color
    Cut/Paste short vowel/long vowel sounds
    Cut paste the at/en words
    Add an S to the short a words
    Add an S to the short e words
    Add an S to the short i words
    Add an S to the short o words
    Add an S to the short u words
    I can read worksheets
    Cut/Paste the R word worksheets
    Color the r and s word blue/red
    Make plural/add an s to the r words
    2 more writing prompts
    Color by Letter page
    Color by Sight word Page
    Editable color by letter page (2 pages)
    Write the an word family words (plus editable version)
    Write words that begin with s (plus editable version)
    Roll a snowman -by number, sight words, and editable
    Make a snowman cut/paste community helper activity

Free Sample of Snowmen at Work Activity Pack

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Free Snowmen at Work Activity

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